With all the documentaries out there about the Steubenville rape case, and my work being used in them, I cannot help but notice the missingĀ  pieces from them.

The anonymous hacktivist connection that sparked protests, and international headlines made a hero out of KY Anonymous, AKA Deric Lostutter.

Deric Lostutter inserted himself into the case terrorizing a town, making thousands of dollars for an alleged legal defense, and used the plight of a rape victim for fame before going to prison for hacking.

Deric Lostutter by his own admission, only got involved in the case to seek fame and fortune not giving a damn about the victim, while spreading lies and misinformation about the case.

Lostutter spent years after the case harassing women, children, men, threatening people with rape, public doxing, and financial ruin.

Coming soon I’ll lay that out there for the public.