Austin Ayers is in trouble again.

Last week after creating a fake ems rescue service, he was stopped by the Pa State police for using an illegal and fake ems vehicle to pull cars over and run red lights in Kittanning, Pa, Ayers was pulled over, detained and the vehicle impounded with charges pending. Ayers also interfered in a water rescue  days before he was stopped by police for the above mentioned situation.


Yesterday, Law enforcement raided his home seizing all electronic devices, computers, drones, scanners, and taking photos of his other fake law enforcement vehicles he had on site. You can view neighbors videos  and discussions with state police here


Posted by Sally Fisher on Monday, June 29, 2020



Hours following the raid, All websites owned and ran by Austin Ayers were removed from the internet, as well as, his fake west central emergency rescue services social media pages. It is unclear if Ayers removed the sites, or if they were seized by law enforcement. Pennsylvania State police would not comment on the open investigation.

Impersonating police. ems and firefighters carry heavy charges and penalties.

Impersonating first responders while messing with under age children carries even worse penalties.

Ayers remains free as the investigation progresses.

Scum is scum, and hopefully police can lock him up for a longer period of time this round.


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