There’s nothing worse than stolen valor. We see it often with people impersonating military veterans, and now Austin Ayers’ latest impersonation comes in the form of a nurse at Forbes regional hospital and locations in the Allegheny Health Network. The only problem is searching Commonwealth of Pennsylvania records, on their data base for licensed nurses allowed to practice medicine in hospitals, he has no license to do so, nor does has he completed any necessary work got Pennsylvania certifications to be an EMS technician or Paramedic as he also claims. According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Austin Jay Ayers, born on May 29,1998 has never applied for a nursing license orĀ  received a nursing license at all.

Ayers has been driving to AHN hospitals for selfies in store and online bought scrubs to pretend online as a Nurse for social media followers. AHN, and Forbes regional hospital were contacted, and verified that Ayers is not employed at any of their hospitals as a nurse, doctor, or emt, and were concerned when pointed to social media posts on or near their properties of Ayers pretending to be among their staff. AHN is thoroughly investigating the matter for the safety of their own staff and patients.

It’s not that hard to actually go to school and study any of the subjects that Ayers pretends to be, and it is baffling why after years of lying to himself and others, Ayers continues on this path that will ultimately lead to injury or death of himself or others.


Update: as of 11/19/2020 ayers removed all tweets from social media claiming to be a nurse, and removed the tik tok videos claiming to be one as well, this article now has a downloaded copy of the original tik tok video

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