It’s been a break between protests in the Steubenville area, and not much new information or sources have presented themselves in my own investigative reporting on the rape case. The recent death threats against me have also subsided, but the next protest is slated for February 2nd, and I sent the courts a written deposition on the motion to exclude media on behalf of independent media covering this case.

I’ve met some wonderful people in Steubenville covering this case, and it has been always a interesting and fun time when we hit the bars of Steubenville after the days events.
I’ve also met  a wonderful woman in the course of all the inherent fucked upness that is surrounding  this rape case. She’s adorable, and I really enjoy her company. She makes me happy, and pushes me to do things I’m otherwise too lazy/afraid to do like dancing. I need someone like that in my life.

Aside from that one awesome thing that has come out of covering a very difficult case, alot of things going on now surrounding #oprollredroll/#occupysteubenville are making absolutely no sense whatsoever such as Lee Stranahan   suddenly jumping into the case as a unbiased journalist” reporting the truth, but seems to be getting perks from the town of Steubenville such as alleged airfare from his home in Dallas to Pittsburgh, and a ride from Pittsburgh to Steubenville to cover the motions hearings in the 2 Steubenville athletes involved in a incident with a 16 year old girl. Stranahan’s own tweets claim to have had meetings with Steubenville to fight back against anon using social media sites, rides around town late at night to the Spot Bar etc. It’s hard to say Stranahan is objective on this case considering these recent tweets as well as his overall demeanor regarding the details of this case.

A unbiased journalist reports the story, not inserts themselves into and then become the story. I don’t know what Lee’s motives in this case are, nor do I really care, but sadly since he is now PART of the story, I also need to report on him now.


Since the last Steubenville protest alot of internet drama and infighting  have been going on. KY anonymous, Crosspoint and many other anons have rode off into the sunset, and most likely have changed their identities.

It’s not news, nor credible enough to report on, so that is why I’ve been rather quiet and lax in my Steubenville coverage.

The next protest in Steubenville will be this Saturday at noon on the Jefferson County Courthouse steps. I’ll be there with a team of journalists covering it like we always do. Hopefully, Steubenville residents will actually go on record with me this time around. I’m also hoping to actually meet and chat with Lee Stranahan and interview him on his coverage of this case. Hell I’ll even have a beer with the guy.

Alot of this infighting, more focusing on Stranahan, and net drama is really starting to lose the victim and the actual message of support for her, and the message that rape culture is wrong. It’s all getting lost in the grand standing, posturing and needs for pats on the back. It’s sad. I will cover the case until the end, but I will only report the facts in the case, the rallies and pertinent info related to the case.

I enjoy the time I spend in Steubenville. The town has grown on me, and I’m also looking forward to being reunited with my beautiful girlfriend as we kiss in the streets of Steubenville.

The trial is scheduled to start February 13th