Defendants Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays will be on trial Mrach 13-16th for rape. Mays faces an additional charge of distributing child porn from his cell phone. If convicted, both defendants will be incarcerated in a juvenile facility until their 21st birthdays.


August 11 2012


Big Red Football players partying at multiple locations in the Steubenville area, and at one house of Matt Belardine,An Assistant Big Red Football coach. Bellardine throws everyone out as “party got out of control”  alleged victim Jane Doe leaves in a vehicle with Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond. Everyone who had been drinking alcohol either drove or rode with someone who had been drinking from Bellardine’s house around 12:15 am August 12th.


Pat Pizzoferatto yells and cheers people on to urinate on Jane Doe. (Mark Cole has testified that this was allegedly a joke and not something serious)



August 12 2012


Cole, Mays, Richmond and Jane doe head to Jake Howarth’s house where at this point Jane Doe is visibly drunk by everyone at the Howarth House.(Cody Saltsman Michael Nodianos is also present)


As they were leaving Jake’s house, Jane Doe unconscious was carried out by Mays and Richmond by her arms and legs,  Jane Doe begins vomiting in the street multiple times. Jane Doe’s shirt is removed by an unknown party while this is happening.


Cole Picks up Evan Westlake, and then drives back to his home with Jane Doe, Mays, Richmond, and Westlake.

Mays begins penetrating Jane doe with his fingers in the back seat as Cole videos the incident with his phone.


15 minutes later Jane Doe is helped into the Cole home by either Mays or Richmond carried by her arms and feet as she could not walk into the home at this point. Jane Doe becomes ill again inside the Cole basement.


Cole leaves the basement for a few minutes to let Anthony  Craig into his house, when the return to the basement, Jane Doe was laying on her side and Trent Mays was trying to get a “blowjob” from a barely conscious Jane Doe. Ma’lik Richmond was laying on the floor behind Jane.


Mays and Jane doe fall aslepp together on the couch. The Nodiano’s video is made later this night while Nodianos and other tweet about Jane Doe being raped and Publicly mock her. At some point also, pictures of Mays and Richmond are taken holding a seemingly lifeless Jane doe by her arms and legs.

All the pictures and some other videos (also deleted before prosecutors could get them) are all posted to Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Mark Cole and Evan Westlake go to sleep. No one knows what happened after Cole and Westlake left the basement.


7:30 AM Cole wakes up  deletes the video from his phone of Mays Penetrating Jane Doe.


8 days later on August 20, 2012 after a family member sees pictures and video of the alleged assault of Jane Doe on social media, the parents file a police report with the Steubenville Police Department.

Tweets and retweets mocking Jane doe still circulate the internet.