Late last night, sources have confirmed to me that a second Steubenville Video besides Nodianos’ may have existed at one point on youtube and may infact exist offline. Prosecutors have been unable to retrieve deleted photos, videos, and text messages from over 15 confiscated phones during the Steubenville Police Department investigation which led to charging Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond with the alleged rape of 16 year old Jane Doe in August of 2012.

This second video allegedly depicts Jane Doe passed out Naked with Semen on her chest, as people wonder aloud if she is breathing, kick her to see if she will wake up and urinate on her according to her mother in reports dated August 13 2012.

Investigators and Prosecutors have been unable to find this video, but simple research and warrants to youtube would reveal that this video may have been posted  to youtube on or around August 12, 2012, and removed days later.

Sources have also confirmed that initially Jane Doe had implicated the prosecutor’s son as one of the assailants. Local Prosecutor Jane Hanlin recused herself from the case 2  weeks after the investigation and initial charges were filed prompting the Ohio Attorney General’s office to assign a special prosecutor.

The local judge also recused himself from the case due to ties to the Big Red Football team. Attorney General Mike Dewine has stated more individuals may be charged following the end of this week’s trial of Mays an Richmond, but it is unclear as to who will be charged and what the charges will be.

Phone calls to the Steubenville Police Department, Ohio Attorney Generals office, and the Jefferson County Juvenile Justice center have not been returned.

Some members of Anonymous were contacted  in January about a supposed second video and were offered the video in exchange for $5,000.
Another source on Feburary 2, 2013 had told me this second video existed at a anonymous rally in Steubenville, but I was unable to confirm it’s actual existence

Stay tuned to further breaking developments on this story.

Update 3/17/13:
it turns out by testimony of Jane Doe on the stand that she was mistaken in claiming Hanlin’s son was at the parties, and that the alleged second video was referred to by the mom to authorities. the video the mom had, but did not watch was the nodianos video, and that the mother had not watched it, but had heard that the vid depicted her daughter naked with semen on her chest and was urinated on. Alot of the initial rumors from early on in this case can actually be traced to the initial document originally shown above, but has been removed as someone leaked the entire hospital reports unredacted shortly after the original posting of this piece. We only released 3 pages redacted beyond recognition.