Following the Steubenville rape  trial, threats to the victim as well as public slandering swirled all over the twitterverse.
1 teen identified as a underage cousin of Ma’lik Richmond who was sentenced to 1 year after being found delinquent in the rape of Jane Doe posted a poem on murdering the victim if she saw her again.

Another teen posted she would celebrate the verdict “by beating the shit out of Jane Doe.” both teens were promptly arrested the day after the trial and were held in a juvenile detention facility until today’s hearing.

Judge Kerr ruled that the teens would be placed on house arrest and would be blocked from using social media and the internet until further notice as well as, staying away from the victim of the Steubenville trial.

Defense lawyers argued that some of the twitter posts may have originated in West Virginia, and that Ohio has no jurisdiction with charges. Judge Kerr released the teens phones to the defense to have the transmissions of the tweets and where they originated from analyzed.