With 5 days before a grand jury hears evidence against 16 individuals for failing to cooperate in the Jane Doe rape case investigation (among other possible charges). Search Warrants were executed at the Steubenville Board of Education Offices, The Steubenville High School, Vestige limited in Medina County and other locations in connection with  Ohio Attorney general Mike Dewine’s ongoing investigation in the Jane Doe Rape Case.

Coach Reno was at the Harding Stadium House when Ohio BCI Agents arrived to also serve search warrants. Steubenville police were also on scene.

What Ohio BCI agents and Steubenville Police officers were searching for remain a mystery as the scope of the warrants remain sealed by a court order.

Sources on the ground in Steubenville tell me that more warrants and locations may be searched within the next few days.

The Grand jury begins hearing evidence on April 30th, and the process should last 10 days.

Calls for comments to the Ohio Attorney Generals Office, and Steubenville high School have not been returned.