Bishop Frederick Campbell claims that the March firing of Phys Ed teacher Carla Hale was not based on her sexual preference, but because it violated the church’s moral teachings and values. He further went on to claim that the Diocese of Columbus “Doesn;t really go looking for this sort of things with their employees.” But hale made her relationship with her lover public when listing her partner as a survivor in her mother’s oituary which resulted in a public complaint.

Hale is a methodist, and as her attorney states isn’t bound by catholic doctrine. Her teacher’s union contract also says that she is not bound by any such religious beliefs or catholic doctrine.

Hale has not only filed a complaint with her union, but the city of Columbus as well on the grounds of discrimination based on  her sexual orientation. Columbus comissioners are reviewing the teachers case and could take weeks or months to decide whether or not the Diocese violated her civil rights.

The case has grown quick support from the Gay and lesbian communites as well as the activist communites across the ocuntry.
The Hacktivist group Anonymous have also thrown their name into the hat of groups concerned with the Catholic Church’s violation of hale’s right to be an individual.

Anonymous threatens that is Hale is not reinsatated all of the Columbus diocese’s dirty secrets will be found out and revealed to the public.
Many donors to the church have refused to donate to the church’s fundraiser held over this weekend.

Despite being well known for their priests molesting children and getting away with it due to big payouts from the churches, the catholic church still finds gay rights to be offensive.

Mobile Broadcast has requested interviews with the Columbus diocese as well as Miss Hale.

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Updated 5/6/13 Anonymous will be holdig future rallies in columbus but today at 1 pm will be doing a #ophalestorm and  twitter to raise awarenes on this matter. #ophalestorm will be used all day beginning at 1 pm EST