Steubenville City Manager Cathy Davidson is out of a job soon it seems. She was asked for her resignation, yet nothing official has come about as of the time of writing this days after the story broke.

Davidson, who after Anonymous began holding rallies in support of Jane Doe whow as raped by Trent Mays and Malik Richmond last august, birthed the idea of creating a site called Steubenville Facts in an attempt to present accurate facts about the town and the Steubenville Rape case investigation. The site itself was nothing glamourous, was deemed unhackable by Davidson, and was quickly taken offline  within hours of the press conference announcing it’s creation back in January.

The website which had to “clarify” an onion like satire’s website joke story that the town would still allow Mays and Richmond to play football after their convictions, voiced Lee Stranahan as the voice of Steubenville, and has removed all of the assinine and irrelevant postings from it’s site only listing a few posts from March before the trial.
Davidson also held press conferences leading up to the Steubenville Rape trial that had nothing to do with the case at all, but instead chastised the media, made it out like the entire town was under attack by the world, and” the town has to be good because they have lots of churches.”

Davidson is no stranger to controversy, in recent weeks as gang violence and shooting escalated, made statements to WTOV 9’s Eric Minor that instead of increasing the city’s police force which has been drastically cut, the national guard was a viable option to protect the city and restore order. The National Guard was never deployed or was even aware of these remarks or “plan”.

Davidson has served the city of Steubenville since 2010 as their city manager, and is still listed on Steubenville’s website as the city manager.

Davidsons soon to be forced resignation is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic as the ship sank. Granted, with all her ridiculous statements it seems like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but Steubenville has cut it’s police force, is clueless when it comes to curbing the gang violence and criminal activity of the “so called” Chicago Boys. One shooting that happened last month had one man shot, left in the middle of a backstreet with a sheet over the body for hours.

Davidson isn’t the only one facing the ax in Steubenville, Steubenville administrators also closed a fire station, and laid off 2 firefighters.
The resignations, and layoffs shouldn’t stop there.

Steubenville Police Chief William “The Thong” Mcafferty should also be asked to go. This is the man who as chief, failed to get the job done in the Steubenville Rape Case prompting the Ohio Attorney general’s office to get involved, and who 7 months later executed search warrants for evidence contained at Steubenville High School, The football field, and other locations. Which begs the question why in the hell didn’t Mcafferty and his good ole boys do this back in August after the poor girl was raped?

So once again, the question is asked what in the hell is wrong and going on in Steubenville?