The following is court testimony from the rape trial of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond which took place at the Jefferson County Juvenile Justice Center in Steubenville, Ohio between March 13th and March 18th 2013. These are transcripts of the trial using my notes that I took while in the Media room observing and reporting on the trial. I am only transcribing relevant testimony, and will spare you the long drawn out boring testimony of experts, and in my opinion insignificant witness who were called. I did not transcribe the entire trial, as I did step outside several times to do live updates, but being that the actual court transcript costs $6,500…..this is probably the closest thing the public will get to a court transcript of sorts. I apologize for not doing this sooner, but I had no time to do so until right now.

Cell Phones analyzed and what was retrieved by BCI agent Joanne Gibb (Computer expert and computer crimes lab)

Mark Cole
20,280 text messages 348 mms, 20,000 pics, 23 videos and 13, 176 chats seized and analyzed
Took the vid of Jane Doe being fingered. (deleted from phone and never recovered)

Evan Westlake
82 text messages, 10 mms 3,978 pictures 50 calls, 9 videos 1,958 contacts in phone

Trent Mays I phone 4
61,613 text messages  9,580 MMS, 2, 715 pictures, 110 videos, 302 calls, 412 contacts in phone, 3 chats
shared photos of naked Jane Doe…was not discussed who received the pics 

Unknown unencrypted Iphone 4s
2,047  text messages, 8mms 46, 945 pictures 444 videos, 4,811 contacts, 549 chats

Michael Nodianos Iphone 4
4,185 text message 65 mms, 48,199 pictures, 33 videos, 326 contacts, 4,460 chats
Nodi phone retrieved by Captain Joe Walker of Steubenville, Pd. Got it from Nodi’s Mom

Anthony Craig Iphone 4

244, 760 text messages, 4,737 MMS 94,254 pics, 165 videos, 419 calls, 230 chats

Anthony Craig did take pics of Jane Doe

Erin Marcino I Phone 4
29,902 texts,  43 MMS 27,827 pics, 122 vids, 357 calls, 1,249 contacts

Unknown Ipod Touch
16,028 texts, 13 vids, 2 contacts

Unknown Samsung Track phone
5 texts, 82 contacts

Unknown Tmobile phone
80 pics, 3 vids, 50 contacts

Cameron King Samsung sg8977
13 texts, 33,027 pics, 18 videos, 165 calls, 4,938 contacts

Unknown HTC Cell (passwordprotected)

1 text, 14,369 pics, 12 calls, 10 contacts, 13 chats

Gibb had testified it was hard to analyze some of the encrypter Iphones, this is all partial data retrieved from some of the Iphones.
Some of the phones gave little or no data, several phones not identified. Gibb id testify that there were alot of pics of other girls in either suggestive clothing or suggestive positions.

Madison argued that Mark Cole had images of other women on his phone, and possibly taken at his house from other periods of time. (also backed up by probable cause hearing transcripts.)

Some of these phones when retrieved by Jefferson County Sherriffs, the boys were not escorte by deputies to get said phones.
Trent Mays’, Cody Saltsman an Evan Westlake’s phones were seized by Deputy Ellenberger of Jefferson County Sherriffs office