In the last week or so, and yesterday in a twitter statement, Deric Lostutter (Ky Anonymous) has been making claims that the Steubenville Grand Jury will end on August 12th after meeting only 7 times since April 15th. Lostutter promising 48 indictments with no anons on that list with even himself (who was raided by the fbi in April for his role in the website hacks) not being indicted.  The Steubenville Grand Jury is proceeding under a veil of secrecy with only media being told that the grand jury will once again resume and continue it’s tasks of hearing and weighing evidence to determine if more crimes were committed in the August 2012 rape of a 16 year old, and during the rape investigation which led to the conviction of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.

Lostutter assuring his twitter followers that his attorney, Jason Flores Williams is in direct contact with the Ohio Attorney General’s office about the jury and what they are doing.  It didn’t add up, so i joined the twitter conversation informing KY and his followers of what I know about the grand jury which is that they’re still working. I was then told that I misunderstood the above pictured tweets, and that his lawyer isn’t in contact with the AG’s office and that he has “a source” inside the grand jury giving him information. It all didn’t add up, so I contacted the Ohio AG’s office via a live chat and my inquiries were referred to their press department. I then emailed the Ag’s office (the entire press department) for answers.  I received a response from Dan Tierney, the AG’s spokesman who then informed me that no there is no conclusion to the grand jury, and that the grand jury will resume on August 12th, and that the investigation is on going. Tierney also informing me via this email in some nice political talk that in essence Lostutter’s claim isn’t true hinting that the only people with inside information would be the witnesses who are being interviewed by the BCI, but wouldn’t confirm or deny if Lostutter was such a witness, and then informed me all inquiries about Lostutter are being referred to the US Attorney’s office.

Emails to his attorney Jason Flores Williams have not been returned (which is odd because he usually gets back to me asap)

Which begs the question, Is KY Anonymous/Deric Lostutter, the proclaimed champion of Steubenville  a cooperating witness for the US Attorney and Ohio Attorney General’s office, and if so what will that mean for the members of anonymous who were engaged in ops with Ky before #oprollredroll, and during?

How else could he really know what is going on with the grand jury?

Lostutter is facing 10 years in prison, but no charges have been file since his raid back in April.

Lostutter also has raised over $50,000 for a legal defense, and has been accepting money for personal use, as well as a business he is trying to start.

There are more inconsistencies regarding Ky/Lostutter and his statements. This is just the most recent.