After meeting only 3 days this week, and after meeting only 10 times since they were convened back in April, the Steubenville Grand Jury is once again recessed for at least another month with no end in sight. Truly it’s as if we’re all stuck like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day waiting for this thing to end, and be able to move on with our lives. Be it in media covering whatever charges the GJ may or may not come back with, residents of Steubenville who just want this thing to end, those possibly on the block under the GJ’s microscope waiting to either be charged or or vindicated.

One thing is for sure, No one is going anywhere anytime soon. Personally i’ve never seen anything like this Ohio special grand jury. I’ve never heard of a proceeding taking so many breaks while more evidence is allegedly collected or for investigators to be asking for more time after so many months. 

Really wish there was more information to pass on to you, but it’s a secret process, with no information available, nor is anything really happening.

The Grand Jury will resume sometime in September. 

However, I’m starting to feel like this case will never end.