Photo: AP Steubenville Trial Media Pool

Ma’lik Richmond was back in court this morning to learn that he must register as a Teen Tier II sexual offender just like his co-defendant in the rape of a 16 year old girl, Trent Mays. (click the link for related story)

According to the Ohio Bar Association, a Tier 2 offender “includes those who have been convicted of offenses such as gross sexual imposition with a victim under 13 years old, pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor when the offender is four or more years older than the victim. Adult offenders must register every 180 days for 25 years; juvenile offenders must register for 20 years.”

Richmond’s Lawyer’s requested Richmond’s sexual offender classification to end at the age of 21 being that he has no previous record and is just as old as the victim.

Dr. Tiffany Dent was also called by the defense to testify that she evaluated Richmond, finding him to be a low needs offender, and that he has responded to treatment well while incarcerated. Dent is a psychologist trained in Juvenile sex offender assessment, and treatment.

Prosecutors requested Richmond receive the same classification and treatment as Trent Mays.

Judge Thomas Lipps ruled back in March that when he received his classification, Richmond should receive treatment at Paint Creek Center if accepted by the facility. Trent Mays is currently held at the Paint Creek Center.

A Steubenville Grand Jury just took another month long break on Wednesday as they hear and weigh evidence against other individuals who may or may not have committed additional crimes on the night of the August 2013 rape, and during the police investigation.