As if the Steubenville case, and it’s figurehead couldn’t get any more creepy. Sadly it did with Deric Lostutter drunkenly creating a tiny chat room and imploring the public from twitter to join the chat. (oddly enough his Facebook following wasn’t invited to the party)

Little did the attendees (both adults and minors) up to 25 individuals in the chat room at one time know what kind of shit show they were in. A drunk Lostutter getting naked. Thankfully I didn’t watch this shit show, But the gist of the event was a rambling and acting in poor taste Lostutter removing clothing bragging about his dick.  In the days following this performance, Lostutter first trying to attack me, informed the world the reason he did it was because I was watching. (which I wasn’t.) I didn’t even know of Whip it out Wednesday until reading many emails on the subject sent to me complaining about it. One was from a father upset his 14 year old daughter allegedly watched the Lostutter nakedness.(I was CC’d among other media outlets in these daddy exchanges) Later on Thursday, I was informed by the father of a complaint being filed with TinyChat as well as his local law enforcement. On Sunday night, we received copies of the tiny chat support email complaint and a police report.  Out of respect for an underage person, we won’t be posting a copy of the police report here. A phone conversation with a member of the Tiny Chat Staff revealed that as of Friday, 2 complaints were made and are being investigated regarding Lostutter’s Tiny Chat channel, but would not comment further. Tiny Chat’s Terms of service make it abundantly clear that:

“Tinychat has the right to investigate and prosecute violations of any of the above to the fullest extent of the law. Tinychat may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who violate these Terms of Service. You acknowledge that Tinychat has no obligation to monitor your access to or use of the Site, Services or Content or to review or edit any User Content, but has the right to do so for the purpose of operating the Site and Services, to ensure your compliance with these Terms of Service, or to comply with applicable law or the order or requirement of a court, administrative agency or other governmental body. Tinychat reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any Content, including any User Content that Tinychat, at its sole discretion, considers to be in violation of these Terms of Service or otherwise harmful to the Site or Services.”

TinyChat also does not release the findings or actions based on their investigations with the complainant(s).

As the weekend began, Lostutter began attacking me to write about this, held 2 more tiny chat sessions, while giving more reasons and excuses for his actions, as well as trying to avoid accountability for his tiny chat which was allegedly presented to minors. We’ll go through them one by one:

 “Everyone was saying Dick or GTFO in Chat, noone could have saw anything cuz my hand was on my dick
-Deric Lostutter

So by this fourth grade logic, Lostutter always does what everyone tells him to do, Lostutter also maintains that everyone was just looking to blow things out of proportion. Showing your private parts to minors, is by no means something small, and people have a very real and valid objection to this. One could also argue that the irony in Lostutter’s statements of blowing things out of proportion are oddly similar to his actions in Oprollredroll which used lies, misinformation, and deception to get protesters involved into the Steubenville case.

“No Foresight could have been used as you don’t know who is in a tiny chat.”-Deric Lostutter

A brilliant cop out used by many a pedophile back in the day. I didn’t know she was underage, or I didn’t know a minor was watching my broadcast…. BULLSHIT. The dude has inserted himself into the media eyes, and should know that everything he throws out there into the internet is viewed by adults and kids alike, but by creating a public Tiny Chat room, as well as publicly promoting it on twitter (and again it’s odd he didn’t invite his facebook following as they knew nothing about this incident) That underage kids are going to interact with him on twitter, as well as enter his chat rooms. No foresight? how bout using common sense, and taking responsibility for your actions. You’re responsible for the content you throw out there on the internet pal… No one else.

“I only did it because @nunyaman was watching” -Deric Lostutter
Sadly for Lostutters ego, I wasn’t watching, but certainly heard all about it the next morning being cc’d on a email to a concerned parent’s email to local media as well as a complaint to tiny chat. I also received a copy of the father’s police report in which he lodged his concerns over the tiny chat performance that his 14 year old daughter watched. I’m not sure how far the complaint will go with LE as the father has no screenshots of the incident, but there are pleny screen shots here, as well as on the interwebz. A phone call this morning to the father’s local sheriff’s office did reveal that the matter is being looked into.

Whether I or anyone in the media was watching is irrelevant, unless you’re getting off on the attention, Deric. Bet ya if CNN or a big outlet saw your drunken performance, your ass would have been nailed to the wall.
You wanted to personally attack me into writing this, well, careful what you wish for, b/c you now have my full undivided attention on this matter.

“it’s not my job to keep kids out of controversial sites.” -Deric Lostutter
No, but it is your responsibility to make sure you’re not creating public chat rooms in which minors can see your junk either.
As the professed savior of women’s rights and Steubenville, you probably should think how your actions are going to be seen by not only kids, but by others in the world around you. After all you falsely accused Jim Parks, the owner of the roll red roll website of being involved in a child pornography ring, and threatened to expose him world wide.. The very same could happen to you. Of course, Parks never showed his junk to minors(nor was ever involved in a child porn ring as accused)…YOU did, and there may be a day where you’re held accountable for your actions. (there’s no Bat Cat or anyone around you that you could blame this time. It’s your actions.)

This is also a very ironic argument b/c both sides of the fence on the Steubenville case have often tried to blame the parents. On one side: The parents should have been around to prevent the underage drinking parties. And on the ville side: The Parents should have been around to prevent Jane Doe from taking a bottle of hooch from her West Virginia home and then traveled to Steubenville to party. Do you really want to lump yourselves in with these people Lostutter?

Next in his attempts to get me or MBN to write about his whip it out adventure, Lostutter began personally attacking me and Mobile Broadcast News. Kinda funny he would do so, as he features our work on his website. Epic fail on his part as the only reason this is being written up is b/c his Facebook following, and alot of folks  had no idea he exposed himself to minors. It’s our role to educate and inform, so this is what we are doing. Sadly even more Deric Lostutter/Ky Anonymous supporters are jumping ship due to actions such as the above listed or as Shm00p of Rustle League Radio puts it, Lostutter is once again putting himself over the 16 year old rape victim he once defended.

Lostutter maintains he is doing things behind the scenes to continue helping the rape victim, but all you can see is Lostutter doing media whoring promoting himself, his rap career, and claiming there’s corruption in the town of Steubenville which he’s exposing. Sadly, the only thing he has exposed has been himself. No Corruption in Steubenville has been found by either myself or the several hundred media outlets who were once camped out in the tiny town months ago. Like every town, I am sure some form of corruption exists, but Lostutter has failed yet again to back up his claims from the last several months. Honestly don’t believe Lostutter is even doing anything in regards to Steubenville anymore aside from using the case to piggyback off of into further notoriety.

We fast forward into Saturday after numerous people voiced their concerns to Lostutter regarding him exposing himself. Lostutter maintained to upset feminist activists that he didn’t give a fuck what they thought, and if he wanted to be naked defending women’s rights then that’s what he’ll do. (Kinda the typical male response wouldn’t you agree? Waving a dick around thinking that would solve years of male misogyny.

Lostutter realizing defeat then announces welcome to the internet Sorry not sorry motherfuckers, and hours later does an interview with Al Jazera America in which he has the reporter take him to the hospital for chest pains, and his suicidal feelings and addiction to alcohol. He has friends tweet out that their hero is in the hospital, and hours later after being committed to the Psych ward, writes a press release. The odd part about this is I know of no psych ward or rehab facility in the country that would allow patients to issue press releases or post from facebook while under their care. Nor do I know of any addict or alcoholic who takes the time to issue a press release b4 seeking treatment. Usually these things are handled quietly.

Sadly, during our football opening day kickoff celebrations, we took odds on when Ky would return. I won $20 with he’s back to running his mouth by 8pm (on Sunday) 7:50 PM Lostutter true to his usual fashion reappears claiming his lawyer in New York on a Sunday vouched for his release against medical advice. (when you sign yourself into care voluntarily, you can leave anytime you want against Medical Advice) and began attacking me once again for not leaving him alone while “he’s trying to get clean.” Weird part about all of this? Lostutter only recently began touting his love for alcohol a week or so ago. He’s had drunk escapades in which his lawyer told his to shut up once before, but that’s about it. I’d love to leave you alone Deric, but you opened the door to all of this when you decided to start issuing press releases every 30 seconds about yourself. Lostutter also complaining that the trolls are finally getting to him.  Well sir, when you post every god damn though you have on twitter and try to paint yourself as a hero, the trolls are gonna come, and all your online behavior is going to bite you in the ass. If you’d like to be left alone from all the trolls, media and blah blah blah. Why not finally take your lawyer’s advice and exercise your right to remain silent. Shut down your twitter and Facebook until it’s all over and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can’t do that can you? You’re to addicted to the attention, the press, and more. I have no sympathy for you Deric. I wish you the best, and if you’re sincere about you’re alleged drinking problem and not trying to use that as a cop out for all of your recent behavior, then go back to rehab. Spend more than half a night there, I’m sure people would donate to a Lostutter Rehab wepay fund. Or divert some of your funds that you’ve already collected personally and for your legal woes which still haven’t come and go get the help you claim you seek.

You’re personally becoming predictable to alot of people. Instead of trying to gain net sympathy from everyone, spend some time with your family. go on vacation, something, anything. Because the next tiny chat you do or the next time you get naked, there could be some serious charges coming on you. I look forward to your personal attacks after this piece is posted Deric, as well as in the next week when you start acting out again. The most disappointing thing to alot of folks is your lack of accountability and responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault or you never did it according to yourself Deric. Part of growing up and being a hero is to take responsibility for your actions. This is something you don’t know how to do, and frankly convicted tier II sex offender Ma’lik Richmond has more maturity and responsibility than you do. Ma’lik realized, and acknowledged that what he did was wrong, and that he ruined his life. He stood up before a judge and the world and accepted the consequences for his actions, and sincerely apologized for the wrong he did. With you Lostutter, it’s always some excuse or reason that you’re not responsible. MAN UP AND GROW UP LOSTUTTER.

Here’s some tips to help you cope:

When Dealing with trolls on the internet:

Step One: Locate your computer or phone’s power button
Step 2: Shut off your device
Step 3: Walk Away

How to deal with Media and get peace while you get clean:
Step 1: Stop seeking interviews
Step 2: Stop issuing press releases
Step 3: Stop showing your junk to underage teens in chatrooms.
Step 4: quit posting every god damn thing you do on the internet
Step 5: Enjoy a quiet life

How to avoid putting yourself in these situations
Step 1: Stop, think and pull your head out of your ass.

ALso if you’re going to be a member of Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, STAY ANYMOUS the goal is not to be known.

Cheers Mate.

Update: lostutter claims to be back in the ER today following an interview with gawker touting his alcoholism and entrance into AA claiming his withdrawals from alcohol hurt so bad and he was leaving the internet. within 20 minutes or so of that Facebook post, Lostutter began once again attacking myself which clearly shows his withdrawals couldn’t be that bad if he is tweeting and face booking making an event for all to see of his er trip. Lostutter now claims he will be gone for 5 days (guess it’s an accelerated rehab program) we put him back to tweeting and misbehaving within 24 hours.

Update 9/10/13 12:26 AM Despite saying he was entering rehab and disappearing for 5 days(again an odd inpatient  treatment program) Lostutter supposedly in rehab wasn’t posting online, but was somehow able to continue liking posts on facebook 9 hours after his announcement of being back in the hospital while personally attacking me. (again also odd because usually rehab facilities take your phones and other means of communication from the outside world)

Update 9/1/13 3:18 Pm:

Just spoke with Sandra an assesment councelor at the rehab facility Deric Lostutter claimed to be in. They tell us that 1. There is no such thing as a 5 day treatment program, nor are patients allowed to have any electronic devices while in the facilities care. So how is Lostutter actively liking posts to his fan page, delete people’s comments, as well as, banning people from his page asking about his behavior? 

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