Photo: Deric Lostutter counting his money on his Instagram

If Lostutter is making the amount of money listed in the above pic, why does he need donations? Could this be Lostutter counting donation money he claims he has no access to?

It’s been such a nice time without writing about Deric Lostutter, but here we go again. Earlier today after Esquire did a non fact checked and false article about Lostutter and Steubenville, Lostutter proudly patting himself on the back and once again comparing himself to real heroes like Chelsea (Bradley)  Manning and Edward Snowden jumped into a reddit Ask Me anything in which the journalist who wrote the article did more of the answering people’s questions part while Lostutter Hid from the big questions. Lostutter flat out bragging in the Ask Me Anything piece about his accomplishments in Steubenville (which was nothing due to all his lies).

It was nice to see my work referenced multiple times by people asking questions and confronting Lostutter on his lies. (lostutter never answered those questions BTW, and tried tap dancing out of them). I have never seen a AMA more hate filled before in my life.

You could actually tell that  the writer of the piece John H. Richardson spent no time at all actually researching the facts in the Steubenville case or Lostutters recent activity.

That’s not the reason I’m writing this… Lostutter reactivated his Wepay fund for legal donations in a move that 24 hours ago, a source close to Lostutter mentioned that he had spent all the funds ($53,000 in legal and over $20,000 in personal donations) It makes sense that free Harley Davidson he was given to rebuild costs money. All the alcohol he had been indulging in in recent months cost money, and all those dates from his plenty of fish profile where he uses the Steubenville Rape victim to hit on women cost plenty of cash. Not to mention insurance for all his guns, truck, and other vehicles surely cost a pretty penny. All of this made on a statement on Lostutter’s  facebook page supposedly from his Lawyer Tor Eckeland, yet no official word from Eckeleand can be found on his website or his law practice twitter account. In this wepay announcement, Lostutter says they had raised only $45,000 which is wrong because when the Wepay was pulled months ago, the total was $53,000 after 5 thousand dollars in refunds to parties who wanted their cash back after an indictment never came and Lostutter’s blatant fame whoring, and online antics seeking attention.

And all of this 2 hours after he tells people trying to raise money for him that he needs no more funds and is donating the excess funds to charities. (he claimed he donated to manning and brown, yet fundraisers for manning and brown have no record of any donations from Lostutter in the last 4 months) Lostutter has yet to honor promises from months ago to donate regularly to the Free Anons Fund.

The weird part on the Wepay is there will be no donation refunds this time, and all the funds if charges do not come (it’s been months since Lostutter’s raid and he has yet to be charged) the money will stay for the use of Lostutter’s Lawyer (supposedly) It is also a blatant violation of the Wepay Terms of service for an individual to raise money for criminal proceedings or for lawyers to raise money for their clients.

Something isn’t right, and once again Lostutter is contradicting himself multiple times, and trying to dodge being called out on lies.

Sure there will be more on this later, Cuz we all know Lostutter loves to hear himself talk, and gets off on the attention.

Update 10/16/13 It’s been brought to our attention that Lostutter also recently has purchased not only a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle, but also a new truck. Lostutter has had no money aside from his legal and personal donations. Lostutter also who begged for donations to secure a new apartment after his girlfriend at the time threw him out, is breaking the lease on that apartment, and moving to another town and another home. All of this coming off after it was revealed to us some time ago, that Lostutter had spent all his donations (around $53k in legal and $20k in personal donations) prompting this new round of begging for funds.

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