That’s the attitude from members of Anonymous all across the country as well as supporters of the group all over the internet today and in the recent days. Deric Lostuttter began once again seeking media attention by doing media interviews on behalf of Anonymous, and the organizers of #opmaryville. An operation to bring justice to a teenage victim and her family after a sexual assault occurred by football players in a tiny Missouri town

The victim and her family brought charges against Players on the high school football team, but those charges were promptly dismissed by local prosecuting attorneys(citing lack of evidence and the victims refusal to cooperate), and the victim’s home was burnt to the ground prompting the family to get out of town. Maryville’s Local Sherriff quoted as saying that “they did all that they could, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence and the victim and her family just need to get over it and move on.” The victim and her family accuse the sheriff and prosecutors of lying, and deny not cooperating.