Deric Lostutter Has been caught in more lies regarding his visit to rehab, who he’s claimed to have donated to and fundraising.
His Legal fund has been restarted in which he now asks for $6,000 a day from his supporters.

Recently we gained access to his private instagram in which photos showing Lostutter flaunting cash, and expensive stays at The Hilton Hotel during a time in which he claimed he was “in rehab” surfaced over the weekend. The Pictures also show Lostutter enjoying expensive room service, while other anons who have actually been charged with a crime or who have already been convicted struggle for resources to support themselves. These photos also explain why Lostutter was tweeting and using facebook while supposedly in rehab.
All the local rehab facilities near Lostutter last month had confirmed that they do not offer a 5 day rehab progra, nor do they allow their inpatients access to electronic devices or social media while under their care.

Lostutter who also claimed in the pass he has donated to the free anons fund, and other anon related charities was busted once again for lying about his donations to which, he claimed that he would then donate excess funds to the free anons fund pending the closing of his court case or dropping of his charges, That’s another lie as his legal fund according to his we pay only has $45,000 left in it.(which is odd because when the orginal wepay was closed it had $53,000 in it…now missing $8,000) Tor Ekeland, Lostutter’s lawyer has never made any public statements or press releases regarding this fund or it’s relaunch, but Lostutter has made bizarre statements on behalf of his lawyer and this fund. A fund in which as stated on the wepay, takes owenership of all the funds, and blatantly states that all funds raised belong to Tor Ekeland and his firm, and they will do with the funds as they please. No refunds will be issued anymore to concerned parties that request their money back. This also goes against Lostutter’s statements that any remaining funds will be donated to Anon charities as Lostutter states via twitter.

Lostutter One day after accidentally releasing his email address to the public, became locked out of his twitter Shadowrapz account, and was forced to start a new twitter account. Another odd development as Lostutter claims to be the 8th hacker of all time, but cannot simply figure out how to recover his twitter account.(this also after Lostutter swore that he’s not a hacker, nor did he do any hacking which landed him supposedly on the FBI’s list.

Lostutter denies misusing any public donations (despite multiple allegations by people close to him), and claims that all his money is from his business, a business started with public donations. That the money he is flaunting is his own from work. If indeed that is the case, It appears he doesn’t need public donations in the first place. In light of the pictures from Lostutter’s Instagram being released the public, and anonymous became understandably pissed off, and demanding answers. Lostutter hid on his facebook fan page ignoring his twitter, and then when he began his new account denied any wrong doings and once again began attacking this site, and myself in his usual fashion.

After yesterdays second Steubenville grand jury indictment on charges which the Ohio Attorney General stated had nothing to do witht he Steubenville Rape case, but the charges against Hannah Rhinaman actually were came across during investigating the Steubenville Rape, Lostutter began once again taking credit and fapping his ego over the indictment. Bizarre being that Lostutetr stopped helping to organize the Anonymous rallies in Steubenville after Decemebr 29th, and outright publicly wuit working on #oprollredroll and disappeared before the trial of Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays. It’s a typical Lostutter tactic to tke credit for the work of others going all the way back tohis involvement in Some anons going after Hunter Moore.

It’s obvious by this point how full of shit Deric Lostutter is. It’s also obvious no one is donating to his new wepay account for legal funds without any charges coming after 6 months. Lostutter had claimed a FBI agent emailed him once about receiving his letter, but the US Attorney General’s Office in Washington DC told us that they don;t communicate with targets of an investigation via email or on a one on one basis without legal representation being present, and that there are no charges or indictments pending against Lostutter at this time. A US attorney is assigned to Lostutter, but there is nothing moving forward at this time.

Our friends at The Bat Country Word have an interesting theory regarding Lostutter communicating with FBI agents, and why there is no pending charges at this time.

Lostutter has dubbed himself the champion of rape victims everywhere, but chooses only to focus on Steubenville, a prosecution long over with the rapists convicted, (He was told to stay out of #opmaryville by Anonymous) and ignores the other 207,753 rape victims in this country over the last year.

Meanwhile People Like Jeremy Hammond, Barret Brown, hig (anonW0rmer) and other anons struggle to raise money for their own legal defenses and needs for inside their prison cells.

Lostutter is also claiming “90 days sobriety” when he went to his fake rehab trip (revealed by us as the Hilton Hotel) on September 9, 2013. No where near 90 days.