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It’s over. It’s finally over. After 16 months after the initial rape of 16 year old Jane Doe in August 2012, The Steubenville Grand Jury ended it’s investigation into individuals who may have committed additional crimes during the initial rape investigation. 16 long months for Steubenville residents, and a very long and ridiculous social media shit show for main stream media,  activists, anonymous soldiers, and those who just donned a mask in December to support the rape victim.

4 more individuals were indicted today bringing the grand total of those indicted to 6.
William Rhinaman was charged in October on charges of Tampering with Evidence, Obstructing Justice, Perjury, and Obstructing Official Business

Rhinaman’s daughter was indicted shortly after (for  (2 counts)Receving stolen property and (one count) theft. Her charges were not related at all to the rape case or the rape investigation, but for an alleged crime she committed while working as an employee of Steubenville City Schools.

Today Steubenville City Schools Superindent Michael Mcvey was indicted on (2 counts) of obstructing justice( on or about April 5, 2012 thru Nov 19, 2013)( 5th degree felonies), and 1 coount of falsification on or about April 5, 2012 (1st degree misdemeanor ), and tampering with evidence on or about April 5, 2012 thru November 15, 2013 (3rd degree felony). If convicted on all charges, Mcvey could face  5 yrs and 270 days in prison/

Seth Fluharty, a school strength and wrestling coach, was indicted on charges of failure to report child abuse/child neglect on or about August 13, 2012 ( A 4th degree misdemeanor with penalty that could carry 30 days in jail if convicted)

Lynette Gorman, a principal at Pugliese West Elementary was indicted on charges of  failure to report child abuse/child neglect on or about April 12, 2012. ( a 4th degree misdemeanor with 30 days in jail if convicted)

Matt Belardine, whose house had hosted one of the underage drinking parties the nigh Jane Doe was raped (he would come home to kick everyone out of the house, leading to Jane Doe being raped at the Cole residence) was indicted on multiple counts: (1 count) allowing underage drinking on or about August 11/12, 2012(a 1st degree misdemeanor), contributing to the delinquency of a child on or about August 11 and 12 2012(a first degree misdemeanor), obstructing official business on or about  January 1, 2013 thru May 2, 2013(a 1st degree misdemeanor, and falsification. (On or about August 11/12, 2013 (1st degree misdemeanor) If convicted, Belardine could spend up to 1 year and 265 days in jail.

There was no evidence discovered by the grand jury to validate activists/anonymous claims that a massive town conspiracy to coverup the Jane Doe rape as suggested multiple times.

There were no indictments of Coach Reno, nor a grand total of 48 inidictments as Deric Lostutter/Ky Anonymous promised would happen in July. No secret society of “shrews” hiding evidence, or that the entire town of Steubenville is evil.

A jury of 14 Jefferson County residents after 18 sessions, and a 7 month investigation where hundreds of people were brought before them to testify, only found probable cause to indict 6 People.

In his press conference Ohio Attorney General empathized with “all the town of Steubenville suffered and endured” over the last several months, and emphasized that “only a few individuals were responsible for crimes” and that “the few should not be lumped in with the many.”

Twitter was buzzing following this morning’s press conference. Some activists refusing to believe it’s over and still yelling coverup, some Steubenville residents echoed that this grand jury was a witch hunt, or that today’s indictments were bullshit. Others merely mentioned today’s indictments, and went about there days.

I’m sure this is the last we will hear of the Steubenville case from Mainstream Media, and may only here of it again thru the same arguments on the social media shit show, or if possible  massive lawsuits begins flying from Steubenville residents, the victim and her family, and somewhere in the mix alot of these anonymous accounts will be named in court documents for months maybe years to come.

But the main thing is, the Steubenville Rape case is over. For Jane Doe it was over when she got justice back in March.

It’s certainly over for Deric Lostutter aka Ky Anonymous. With today’s grand jury ending, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on with further Steubenville corruption allegations (with no proof or evidence). His case is still currently open in the US Attorney’s office with no charges being filed since his raid in April, and over $53,000 in a legal fund, and an unspecified amount in personal donations. Lostutter well known for his faming and promotion of his “exposing the corrupt in Steubenville” (with false allegations, lies and speculation, never a fact.) is over. his meal ticket has been punched. There’s nothing left for him to milk, or fuck up on in regards to Steubenville. It’s time everyone move on from Steubenville and let the town handle itself.

“the Steubenville Case sadly happens all over this nation.” Mike Dewine stated in his press conference earlier today. He’s absolutely right. Rarely do these other cases get the attention they need, or even thousands of people coming together to support victims everywhere.
No one has seen anything like the Steubenville Rape case before, and I personally hope I never see a case like this again.

It’s a case in which no one really won. Everyone lost. The victim who has to relive her experiences every day thanks to idiots arguing about the case on social media, The Anonymous collective took a serious hit on this thanks to the antic of Deric Lostutter, Residents and the Town of Steubenville will forever be haunted and tormented over false allegations on individuals who had nothing to do with the case, The media who fucked up  revealing the victims name on live tv multiple times during the rape trial as well as all those false reports will never recover from their screwups.

And me. I fucked up quit a bit during this case. Personally, professionally, and spiritually. My fuckups are all out there, But I at least admitted my errors and corrected them.

Perhaps everyone involved will have learned something from this case, i certainly hope all involved have learned the importance of fact checking before blowing something up to the international level as well as screen shotting everything.

You can watch Dewine’s press conference HERE

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