To whom it may concern
    I have known Deric for many years, and over that time period, we had become fairly close. Over the time I have gotten to know Deric and his family, I have seen Deric go into a severe state of depression. This lead to a drinking problem, as well as an intense propensity to lie.
    Deric, you even went to rehab for your problems, and what happened? You started drinking again and getting severe anxiety attacks. You continued to lie to yourself, and to the rest of us. I’ve forgiven you enough, and it’s time for the truth.
  1. For the past few days I have I have watched your Twitter timeline and your Facebook feed. Deric, you’re trying to protect your ego and the little bit of dignity you have left, but coming after Meghan is taking it too far. Her standing up for herself is nothing to be dismissed, nor is her confirmation of what we thought you were all along. Deric, you took her virginity at fifteen years old. Fifteen is a very young age, and when you told everyone what you done with Meghan, we were disgusted with your actions. A fifteen year old is too young.
  2. You have lost all of your jobs, you’re losing your friends and family, and for what? Because you think you’re a “hacker”, and your ego is becoming you.
  3. When you were arrested, we were in a state of shock wondering why. When the real news came out about your arrest, we were astonished. Deric Lostutter, 26, arrested on charges of violating the computer fraud and abuse act.
  4. We knew you liked computers Deric, but you’re not the person you’re pretending to be. We  now see that you’re well out of your league, and your actions online, are affecting not only yourself, but those who were once close to you.
  5. Where has the sweet, young, compassionate Deric gone? You have lost control of your life, and you’re losing everything and everyone else because your ego has taken over. When that young girl that was raped, and you exposed her rapists, we were proud of you for that. We really were.  Now though,  you’re not the same person you once were. I doubt you even took into consideration of the young girls feelings as her case was being exposed to the whole nation, and what she had gone through. Now, we’re really disappointed in you. You have let the cyber world take control of your life. And your new girlfriend, Deric, we feel so sorry for her, we don’t know her but she seems like a sweetheart and a really down to earth girl.
  6. The actions you have taken have got her caught up in your “internet drama”, and while she is defending you, she doesn’t seem to know the same Deric that we do now. Her details have been published online, including her family members, and for what Deric? is this going to carry on for much longer? I don’t know who you have upset online but you really need to stop feeding into this stupid internet drama. I have seen the tweets and the threats you receive and what you have done to receive these threats, as well as the threats you have made in retaliation. You deserve this Deric. You have become a foul, disgusting man and, regrettably, you were my friend at one point. Now I don’t know who you are.
  7. You need to stop lying to the people you love. I don’t know how this hadn’t come out sooner with Meghan, but now it has.
  8. You need to be a man and accept what you have done. No more lying Deric, please. The trolls, as you call them, are making your life hell. You have had your address published so many times, yet you continue, and every time you move, it is published again. Look how many jobs you have lost. This looks like a game to them Deric, and I am thinking it will continue as long as you keep fabricating lies. Not only you, but your family will suffer the same as you have. Your poor parents have also had their information published. This is so dangerous Deric. Please just rethink your actions and stop.
  9. I miss the Deric that I used to know. Come back to us  xx,
  10. With all sincerity and love,
  11.  anonymous

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