Deric has made this scam in the past offering to donate to various charities and never delivering.

Anonymous has issued another statement, warning and plans to stop this tour.

Statment is:

  1. #OpGoodByeKY
  2. In our responsibility to inform the public of a possible threat to women and children, the following is
  3. contact info for Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes/DJs. Deric is alleging to be going on some “Mystery Tour” with some DJs from Coast 2 Coast (
  4. Coast 2 Coast is not our enemy and for that reason, I believe they should be contacted and made aware of who and what
  5. they are associating with. They should know that the reputation they’ve worked hard to achieve is in jeopardy of being severely tarnished.
  6. Send as many emails as possible in case spam filters do away with this important message, we don’t want to
  7. see others get hurt and used by this scum.
  10. Office:(786)953~6522
  11. Fax:(786)513~0201
  12. 555 NE 15th St Ste 7722
  13. Miami, FL
  14. kyle hiersche (aka lil fats)
  15. CEO/Owner
  17. Nick hiersche