Originally filed at Mobile Broadcast News 9/8/2014

Andrew Miller received a very light sentence by Judge Todd earlier this after noon. 7 years of probation with 9 months in a work release program, register and report as a sex offender for the next 15 years, and enter into a sexual predator treatment program.

Miller lost yet another job when his latest employers found out about his antics on September 5th, and his computer programming career is over per judge Todd’s ruling that he is not allowed to posses or go anywhere near a computer during his 7 years of probation. 

Two of Miller’s victims read statements to the Judge before his decision asking for the maximum penalties allowed by law.  One victim’s letter told the court ” That she lives in constant fear of Miller, and is very unsettled that he lives in her community.” 

Before his sentence, Miller rambled a half assed and incoherent apology to the court for his behavior.

“Mr. Miller, You have a wife and kids, you wouldn’t want someone sexually stalking them would you? I don’t know what is wrong with you, but you have caused alot of damage to these women. If you violate the terms of this probation in any way, I will lock you up, not in the county jail, but in a penitentiary.”

Miller showed no remorse for his actions and once again could not look his victims in the eye.