1. Are you some rogue journalist? How can you be tripping balls at a festival one night, and in a courtroom covering a CASE THE NEXT?
  2. I’ve heard of you
  3. Your life seems awesome
  4. When do you sleep
  5. How did you get into all this?

These are all things said or asked of me when I meet people out and about.

who I am and the blessing/curse that are my adventures are a story that is so long and convoluted, I don’t really believe it myself. i’m going to try and answer your questions, and share some stories about my adventures and some things I made headlines with that need to be shared over time.

  1. yes I am. I’m a blend of Anthony Bourdain and Hunter S. Thompson rolled into one if i had to describe my style.
  2.  My work is very diverse, and I capture the spirit of the thing.
  3. many have heard of me from many incarnations of the road I have been on. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m fortunate to end up in some pretty cool, and at times, serious adventures. There is a large toll to be paid regarding what I do, and it’s a price I payed heavily
  4. Thursdays
  5. A leap of faith

My life and career are a series of fuckery, love, and hard hitting journalism that is now the subject of documentaries, studies, and human nature discussions.

I’ve fucked up as much as I have succeeded, hung out with rock stars, porn stars, and someone who has thrown it all out there, losing everything I’ve had on multiple occasions to rebuild from the ashes in the pursuit of what I believe in.

I’ve been lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and done what I can with I can to make the world a better place bringing what I see to you with no filter or bias.

Over the years, I’ve made several names for myself, and it’s something I will never take for granted, or not take seriously.
Doing what I do, brings with it a large trust of the public, and I am forever grateful for those who support my work.

I hope this site can set the record on some of the stories I covered, as well as turns you on to the things I bring you.