Stationary Pebbles is a 5 piece rock band that incorporates funk and reggae to create a more unique sound.

The Pebbles formed in June 2012, and have played all over the Pittsburgh area and the surrounding region.

Combining a natural flow of shredding and riff driven guitar playing with a constantly grooving drum and bass section, the Pebbles have become accustomed to making crowds tap their feet and move to the music.  Incorporating conscious lyrics, the music is a very real product.

The band is made up of Steve Short (Vocals, Guitar), Ethan Beahm (Guitar), Sam Hogan (Drums),Dustin Becker (Bass), and Jared Dray (Keys). By fusing the different musical styles of each member, as well as inspiration drawn from various groups of the 1990s, 1970s, and today, the Pebbles can unleash a constant flow of energy and good vibes that is sure to entertain.