I’ve recently become stalked, obsessed over, and threatened by someone that I may have met once in my travels as a rock star photojournalist. This person is obviously mentally ill, and in need of immediate help.

I’ve no idea who this person really is aside from being told that I may have met them once at an after party.

I’ve been receiving messages like these for months. I’m no stranger to death threats or being stalked due to my work as a journalist out in the field covering hard hitting cases.

This particular case has me slightly concerned as this person is convinced that myself and members of the jam band scene in Pittsburgh are conspiring with the government against him, and he blames me primarily for his life falling to shambles.

Mental health in this country is no joke, and needs to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, I’m in a position to either cause this person irreparable harm by responding to these threats personally or by involving the authorities they fear I’m conspiring with.

If you know this man, please get him the help he needs. I’m by no means concerned for my safety, but for the safety of others if this guy decides to act on his misguided delusions.

I also do not negotiate with people threatening my life, and demanding 6 thousand dollars of hard earned money that I’ve bled and sweat for on the front lines.

This is just a small glimpse at the weird my work attracts and a fraction of the occasional threats I get sometimes.