You are nothing more than a poser, living in his mom’s basement on Highland Avenue in Kittaning,Pa. You have been playing the journo card for years, making up stories on your lil fake sites, annoying the shit out of people and conning folks for a long time.  You always were viewed as a minor annoyance in the media world, and your fuckery was dismissed easily.

Congratulations on trying to go pro with major fake news.

I’m not sure what your fascination with being a journalist is, but instead of becoming a real one, you never actually went out there to learn the craft. maybe you were lazy, perhaps you are too scared to have made the sacrifices, maybe you don’t have the balls to actually get out there into the world and put yourself on the line. and earn a name for yourself, and build the following and trust from the public that comes with doing what we do,

It certainly is easy to buy followers between several social media accounts, and it certainly is easy to make up facts for  hits on a website. (we’ll get into your misadventures in life shortly.)

It doesn’t matter really because you crossed a fucking line exploiting one of the greatest cities in the world, and now you’re  a problem and part of the reason why it’s so bad out there for folks to trust media.


On Friday morning at 4 am like a coward in the night, you posted a fake story about corona virus in local Pittsburgh hospitals that would play upon the fears of our city, and the timing of the post would have made it go viral before the end of morning rush hour, and before folks from UPMC And our local governments would have made it in the office to quickly deal with it. The damage would have been done by then.


That was a bold strategy cotton, but it didn’t pay off. It came across my desk at 5 am. It was very easy for me to get in touch with local media from KDKA, The Trib (speaking of Trib Media, they’d appreciate if you would stop saying you were one of their staff writers as you never worked for them), wdve, and representatives from the Mayor’s office, County Executive’s office, health department, and a real high administrator from UPMC. II sent the appropriate emails and waited after alerting the people who read my work, and even hit the comments on your facebook pages.

You retracted with some bullshit excuse blaming an intern and computer  software . A story that  made laugh, the best computer software programmers, my friends from the hacktivist group anonymous, and one source in a law enforcement computer forensics unit all agree that what you claimed is impossible and a lie:

” the intern reporter had likely used a code-injection trick to bypass the automated article “handshake” with our in-house dedicated servers and remote cloud-based options. This allowed the intern to publish an article without the editor’s final revision. Unsuspectingly, WPMG-TV and WPMG-FM’s AI-driven fact checking web application could not run due to the intern reporters privileges assigned to their author account. This allowed to post to go from our staging site to our production website with no editor or administrative privileges.” claiming no fact checking was done when in the original article it self it was losted how heavily the story was a fact checked with a link to your site’s laughable fact checking policy.

it shoulda ended there, but hours later after you started playing the censorship and government conspiracy  card  which was a very different tone from when i asked you to comment for a story

And then you tried to take credit for a case confirmed in Washington county saying that validate your story that earlier admitted was false… Know what UPMC’s comment was:  Washington County isn’t Pittsburgh….MORONS. (exact quote referring to you0

Word was out how fake you are and then You pulled this bullshit today:

Nope. Not happening so let’s see who You really are because you left enough evidence all over the place that you have a facebook group dedicated  your lies

Remember that time on your butler dispatch site where you faked a “news room Using photos from a shutter stock’s website?  The time you impersonated a police officer or when you armed a child with a bb gun and asked them to shoot up someone’s house?  the internet and the Pittsburgh film community remembers.


member that time you were harassing a girl who rejected you and threatened to use your pretend journo power to spite her? Trust me bro, I’m a legendary indy journo and it doesn’t even get me laid. lame way to pursue women. But before we continue, How’s that corona virus you claim to have tested positive for treating you? I hope you’re ok. even I wouldn’t even wish Corona virus on some horrible human like yourself. Also I was wondering where you served as a first responder because no organization in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, which is where you’ve lived your entire life has a record of you as a firefighter, medic, or police officer. (even though you once bough a fake lil uniform and tricked your car our like an undercover vehicle.

While we are on the subject, CBS Los Angeles, and CBS New York also have no record and are very disheartened that someone would use their names to peddle false media while they try to uphold excellence in broadcasting. (exact quite)  fox 29 Philadelphia which is your profile pics on the web also has no record of you working for them.

Your film work is impressive though: producer on Survivor Pittsburgh edition is actually true why not stick with that and lead with that prestigious accomplishment instead of fake news? although i was able to confirm that you never were an assistant director on Man hunter. You were an extra and nothing more. You claim to have covered the tree of life shooting. I was there. Didn’t see you or could find any of your reports. That’s another terrible thing to be taking advantage of.


I’ve been talking to your friends, people who interviewed for your company pennsylvania media group LLC (doesn’t seem to be registered with the state as a limited liability company) and no one seems to have anything nice to say except what a scumbag fraudster you are.

This is what a half day of real journalism looks like and I’m not even sharing everything I was able to dig up on you. I did this while multi tasking covering the corona virus outbreak here in Pittsburgh dude. All the facebook posts about you that are publicly shareable are also out there.

People far better than I busted their ass in the last decade to make Indy Media in Pittsburgh and across this country a legitimate thing. we’ve been tear gassed, harassed, called a joke in the beginning and now our peers in the field respect us. This city respects us. The work I’ve done in this city with others actually made a difference For  someone like you to come along and wreck it and spread fear and lies for profit in our city. To take advantage of this crisis and the death across the globe is unacceptable.

Journalism is something sacred, and to have the trust of the public to look to you for what’s going on and be the voice they need to hear in times of crisis is one of the highest honors a person can receive. I will not allow you to continue your current path. If it’s attention you want, I’ll give you all of mine. Just remember that you wanted this.

I will fucking wreck you with nothing more than the truth in public, in print, on video, on the air, and all over this city that I love if you continue on this path.

Fake lawyers, fake companies with fake boards of directors are no match for a real journalist  with real resources my man.

You’re young and have time to make this right. It’s very hard to find a job later in life when google searches show employers how dishonest you are.

think about it
– Don Carpenter

UPDATE 3/28/10 

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and Ryan Focht (@Legoflats) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallwsb Pretends to be FBI Snitch

Austin Ayers rebrands as @kingvalhallawsb and Begins Newest Fraud

Austin Ayers used his fake news site to harass and defame woman who rejected him

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and His Ties to Extremist Groups

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) Lied about being an EMT in October 2020

Austin Ayers Rebrands Himself @redcoatrevere to Avoid His Past

Austin Ayers (@medicativan) (@redcoatrevere)Twitch/Tik Tok Fraud and Fundraiser Scam

Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.