Austin Ayers and WPMG : not only fake news scammer, but plagiarizer

about a week ago, I called out a scam artist named Austin Ayers (now using the name ayers austin on facebook) for pretending to be a journalist and running a fake news website utilizing a clicks for cash scam.

thru some hard work and real journalism, i’m able to prove that all of his recent articles are plagarized form several different real news website like wpxi, explore vanango, and the leader times and passing these articles off as orignal breaking news.

I once again urge caution when seeing or sharing posts from WPMG TV pittsburgh, WPMG Radio Pittsburgh, wpmg(dot)Net, FTS TV Pittsburgh, pennsylvania breaking news, or butler news pages on facebook or twitter. These are all sites ran by Ayers that direct you to the wpmg (dot) Net website running said scam.