We’re in this together, and I love and care about you.

What an intensely trying time these last few weeks have been and will continue to be. As I’ve watched events unfold in various phases across our country, I’ve taken some time to gather my thoughts and check in with those i love.

My greatest objective has always been to shine a light on injustice in the hopes of shifting our culture to protect the vulnerable rather than fail them. To serve neighbors in a way that helps and informs.
Nothing has provided more comfort than to see the immense effort and empathy being shown by our heroes: doctors, nurses, health care workers on the front lines, and the people providing food and assistance to those unable to do so themselves.
All these acts of altruism have renewed my sense of hope and bolstered my belief in the possibility of a cultural shift in other areas of society.

Despite the challenges ahead, i am inspired by our beautiful community.

April is Sexual Assault Awarenes Month and I want to shout out to survivors who have resilience, and remind us that social distance does not mean social isolation.

I want to hear from you about how I can be most useful right now, how I can further help.

Lastly, I cannot forget that for some, the biggest danger is at home. If you or someone you know is trapped inside with an abuser please contact or share the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233. Call 911, someone you trust if you need help. My phone and inboxes are always open for those who need help.

In this trying time, I realize how many people like myself are out of work or artists and performers who have their entire lively hoods stopped for the well being of others.

If you can and only if you can please support my work every little bit helps keeps a roof over my head.
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We will get through this together. We have no choice but to come together and work together and not against each other anymore.

With love and virtual hugs,