Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot


What else can Austin Ayers do while he’s in the middle of a Pennsylvania State Police investigation and having all of his electronics seized with his fake EMS vehicle?

What can a scumbag do when either the cops took his fake news site servers offline or he removed them to hide evidence? You dust off one of the several other garbage websites you own, re-brand one of the several Facebook pages that you made, and start spewing garbage catering to the alt right. It’s the only logical step for a incel after being once again exposed for a liar, fraud, and someone who desperately craves acceptance and validation in a world that hates him for constantly pretending to be something and someone he’s not. This kid could have used his resources and taken some balls to go out there and really try to learn the skills necessary to become a real journalist, cop, firefighter, paramedic, security consultant or whatever dip shit persona his bipolar disorder creates for the day. Instead this dumpster fire of a 22 year old lives in a constant state of make believe.

Say hello to Austin’s newest con: Pennsylvania Conservative Club and Pennsylvania Breaking news on the web and Facebook.


Ayers went quiet for weeks after being raided by the cops until his need for stroking his own ego and non existent dick couldn’t be ignored any longer. He started posting fake and plagiarized articles on his site that caught the attention of not only the Governor of Pennsylvania, but the media as well. After refusing to identify Dr. Rachel Levine by her name, and instead engaging in trans phobia, the media caught on, Ayers upped the ante by doing an interview with another garbage out let Penn Live and tap danced away from the issue of being wrong blaming improper proof reading before running the piece.  

Penn Live could have done their homework, but instead Lazily bullshit and took Ayers for his word. Sound familiar: (just like an intern that didn’t exist who somehow did the impossible with a computer to print a fake Covid19 scare at UPMC hospital)

Open letter to Austin Ayers and his fake news page


In the Penn Live Interview Austin created a character named “Wyatt Uhl” from Lebanon County who “purchased the Facebook page and website in February.” I’m just some country bumpkin”  “Uhl” said in the interview.  Just several problems with this…. Wyatt Uhl Doesn’t exist according to Pennsylvania birth records going back 24 years (Ayers as Uhl claimed to be 24), No property records, or even vehicle registrations exist for Uhl either in Lebanon County or even the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Not even any construction companies in the entire state of Pennsylvania or Penndot even have a record of Wyatt Uhl working for them as Uhl/Ayers told Penn Live. No twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms seem to have a Wyatt Uhl in Pa either.

(And like the kids say: I’m in before pictures of “Uhl” show up that bear a streaking resemblance to an Ai generated picture from This Person Does Not exist)

Of course what else can you expect from someone who faked identities of people and a “news room in the past”? If Ayers has nothing to do with this website he made in March of 2020, why does all his Facebook pages from WPMG, WPMG FM Radio, Pennsylvania Media  Group, Fts-Tv Pittsburgh.  Butler News, and more all link to the pa breaking news articles? Why is that despite Ayers/Uhl saying all old content from Ayers will be removed from the face book and websites are they  all still up? Why is Austin Ayer’s mom telling people that he is working on the website still? Why does she have direct knowledge of something that Ayers is not a part of? Did Ayers forget to clue her into to his lies again? Why is the writing style as well as spelling errors on the internet page and website matching Austin Ayers to a “t” if he’s not involved



Immediately This new Facebook page began getting response from those leaning to the Far Right aka the white power crowd, but it also began getting called out for it’s lack of journalistic ethics and for it’s ridiculous posts. So much so, that Ayers played the game of we are journalists….no wait we’re not…. well what’s your definition of a journalist? we’re journalists who don’t hold ourselves to ethics to eh, fuck it we’re just a blog.

And then He was Called out by  the LBGTQ community of Pennsylvania for his trans phobic stance on Dr. Rachel Levine

Posted by Pennsylvania Equality Project on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Following their article, Ayers began attacking them with baseless allegations and their website was hacked and members of their organization’s private addresses and names being thrown out to the web from Austin’s page.  The FBI Cyber Crimes Task force is investigating the website hack, and The name Austin Ayers is nothing new to them says a source with The Pennsylvania State police, who wouldn’t elaborate further due to ongoing investigations.

again…Sound Familiar?

Shortly after this Ayers swung for the fences and began just bringing up names from high school and accusing them of being a part of Pornography and Spamming his pages. He then went on to attack me once again, and also said fuck it, lets try out some White power posts: (posts were later removed by Ayers cowardice or Facebook)

Then this absurd claim was made. No surprise that looking at all the posts since the weekend,  that the statement of 200 comments and messages a minute is a lie. You also can see the majority of the comments are logged by Facebook, but deleted by Ayers because the majority of those commenting are telling him to go fuck himself.  (it’s just too damn easy to prove his lies at this point.)

For now after realizing how much of a failure he is at scamming and pretending to be a journalist /cop/firefighter/paramedic/decent human being,  Ayers is stuck in the Dunning-Kruger effect.

The general public can only anxiously await for the State police and FBI to finish their investigations and lock this idiot up. It’s only a matter of time before Ayers escalates his mentally ill behavior and seriously hurts himself or others.


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