Austin Ayers’ (medicativan) latest scam

What else can Austin Ayers do while he’s in the middle of a Pennsylvania State Police investigation and having all of his electronics seized with his fake EMS vehicle?

What can a scumbag do when either the cops took his fake news site servers offline or he removed them to hide evidence? You dust off one of the several other garbage websites you own, re-brand one of the several Facebook pages that you made, and start spewing garbage catering to the alt right. It’s the only logical step for a scumbag after being once again exposed for a liar, fraud, and someone who desperately craves acceptance and validation in a world that hates him for constantly pretending to be something and someone he’s not. This kid could have used his resources and taken some balls to go out there and really try to learn the skills necessary to become a real journalist, cop, firefighter, paramedic, security consultant or whatever dip shit persona his bipolar disorder creates for the day. Instead this dumpster fire of a 22 year old lives in a constant state of make believe.