Well, we made it to August here in the great dumpster fire that is the world in 2020.

American cities are rioting and burning, thousands are in the streets protesting,and  cops keep killing people. Federal agents are going after protesters bypassing state and local governments. Hundreds of thousands are dead from a virus, Small businesses are closing their doors forever due to Covid-19 closure restrictions. The american government abandoned millions of struggling citizens and went on vacation without getting aid out. It’s getting worse out there.

I don’t have any answers. Right now I’m sitting here in horror watching things unfold just like the rest of you. Portland really did a number on my head bringing back PTSD from riots and government vs. citizen clashes of years past.


Don’t be discouraged by all the hate and darkness out there, keep fighting. keep going friends.

“What is our charge now? To fight? To hate? To wander confused?

I don’t know…maybe it’s to try and show some love for a change.
Try that.”

These words from Jeff Austin are ringing thru my head, as I sit here in another god forsaken hotel room on the road. I’ll certainly get by with the love of my friends and the overwhelming support of my readers, viewers and followers over the years, and I’ll always be out there on the front lines when I am needed.

For now, I’m taking a small break between shit storms here in America, but will be back out there sooner than I shuld be because they’re vanning and kidnapping protesters in unmarked police vans.