Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot


Austin Ayers found his vehicle in another impound yard in Butler, Pa where he last was convicted for hiring a teen to shoot up someone’s house with a BB gun.

Ayers was pulled over by Pennsylvania State Police for speeding, and not having working rear lights. The Trooper also discovered that the vehicle did not have a valid inspection sticker, and discovered that the vehicle had an emergency license plate and title without the proper certifications from the State police for the vehicle to legally have such a license plate. The Vehicle was impounded, and the license plate was seized by the State Troopers. An active investigation into how Ayers obtained a title and license plate to which he isn’t entitled is underway.

A second investigation involving Austin Ayers and Impersonating police/firefighters and paramedics is still open and active from the Pa State Police too. (you can read the search warrant from that incident HERE.)

Ayers complained on the towing companies website before discovering that his license plate was seized.

Since the last time Austin had his gear and vehicle seized, he scrubbed all his social media accounts, and pulled down his personal website, but is still masquerading as a nursing student and paramedic on Tik Tok and Twitter.


Update: on January 27, 2020, Pa state police filed additional charges against Ayers from this incident. See below:

Man Charged For Trying To Buy Emergency License Plate

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police



Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.