Austin Ayers (medicativan) back at it with another “News” website

After being exposed as creating his last fake news website and false identity of  person who doesn’t exist, Ayers quietly created a new “news website” and face book page for Penn Informer recycling images from the internet, taking from  local mainstream media news sites, and cherry picking copying and pasting sentences from  their articles.  a “Breaking news” update on his new site claim it belongs to a Warren Albrecht of Bridgeville, Pa, but any public record searches including property records, birth and divorce records show that  a person of that name doesn’t exist anywhere in Bridgeville, Pa or his alleged home of Altoona, Pa. A Facebook page created on July 24, 2020 (one day after I exposed Ayers other fake personality) is under the Name Warren Albrecht, but Indiana University of Pennsylvania has no record of a man by this name attending their school. In Fact there is no evidence online that a Warren Albrecht exists in real life at all aside from this newly created Facebook page. The suspect facebook page also follows all things that Austin Ayers follows on Facebook and has had zero activity since being created on July 24.