Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot


You can attempt to polish a turd to make it look better, and you can always try to rebrand to avoid your history of being a fraud and scumbag. The internet never forgets.

Con artist and disgraced wanna be cop/firefighter/paramedic Austin Ayers has rebranded all his scam Facebook news pages and created yet another fake news website in the form of Steel  Town News. it seems he created a fake store for the purpose of computer repair and video game rentals.

Here’s a list of the new scams and current ones:
FTS Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Breaking News

Pittsburgh Tv News

Radio Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Conservative Club

Pitt News (Rip off of University of Pitt News)

Penn Informer

Pennsylvania Media Group 

Pa Breaking News

Websites tan by Ayers include: (won’t be linking them due to malware on the sites as well as it being a clicks for ad cash grab)

Pa Breaking News

Penn Informer

Steel Town News

Update: as of November 2nd all pages except Penn Informer and Steel Town News have been removed from Facebook.  This is a common tactic by Ayers to hide pages or take them down until the heat from his scams when busted die down.

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