Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot



With days before the election, this child and his fake news sites have been busy. Not doing anything productive or benefiting humanity, but spreading fake news yet again.

On Friday night, Ayers posted to his collection of fake news pages on Facebook that the Biden Campaign plane had nearly caused a mid air collision over Pennsylvania with a Fed Ex aircraft. That he miraculously was watching air radar and following Biden’s plane when he witnessed a possible accident. He claimed that mainstream media wouldn’t report the near accident. They certainly won’t because it never happened.

According to the FAA there wasn’t a near mid air collision of any aircraft over Pennsylvania Friday night, and The Biden Campaign and their plane was nowhere near Pennsylvania either.

According to flight data provided publicly by the Biden Campaign, you can see where the plane was Friday night :

Friday, October 30

  • Joe Biden to Des Moines, IA, St. Paul, MN, and Milwaukee, WI; N732KA / N509GU scheduled ILG-DSM
  • Kamala Harris in Ft. Worth, McAllen, and Houston, TX; N989RJ / N356BZ scheduled DCA-FTW
  • Doug Emhoff to Las Vegas; N450WC schedule DCA-HND-LAS

Thursday, October 29

  • Joe Biden to Broward County and Tampa, FL: N732KA / N509GU
  • Jill Biden to Lansing and Westland, MI: N717LS / N235DX
  • Doug Emhoff to Columbus and Akron, OH: N450WC

Thursday, October 29

  • Joe Biden to Broward County and Tampa, FL: N732KA / N509GU
  • Jill Biden to Lansing and Westland, MI: N717LS / N235DX
  • Doug Emhoff to Columbus and Akron, OH: N450WC

Wednesday, October 28

  • Harris to Tuscon and Phoenix, AZ. N356BZ / N989RJ traveling together again; N356BZ (press) is scheduled BUR-TUS-PHX-SGF-DCA
  • Doug Emhoff to Alentown and State College, PA. Looks like they’re using N450WC / N2129.

Tuesday, October 27

  • Joe Biden to Atlanta and Warm Springs, GA; N732KA and N509GU
  • Kamala Harris to Reno and Las Vegas, NV; looks like press flying N356BZ DCA-LNK-RNO-LAS-BUR, Harris was aboard N989RJ DCA-RNO.
  • Jill Biden to Maine; N717LS and N235DX filed ILG-BGR
  • Barack Obama to Orlando, FL

Monday, October 26

  • Jill Biden to Macon and Savannah, GA. N235DX and N717LS filed ILG-MCN-SAV-ILG.

Sunday, October 25

  • Kamala Harris to Detroit, MI; N989RJ, N356BZ DCA-DTW

Saturday, October 24

  • Joe and Jill Biden to Bucks and Luzerne Counties in PA; N732KA, N509GU
  • Kamala Harris to Cleveland, OH; N989RJ and N356BZ DCA-BKL
  • Barack Obama to Miami, FL

Friday, October 23

  • Joe Biden to Wilmington, DE (no flight needed)
  • Kamala Harris to Atlanta, GA. N989RJ and N356BZ DCA-ATL

You’re also able to track the candidate’s flights in real time via ADS-B Exchange.

The Biden Campaign after cancelling an event in Austin, Texas Friday due to being threatened and one of their buses being surrounded by MAGA adorned trucks trying to run it off the road, Were in Des Moines, Iowa, St. Paul Minnesota, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday night.

Tonight Biden made stops in Flint and Detroit Michigan. Sunday The Biden Campaign will be in Philadelphia, Pa, and Monday will be conducting a Barnstorming Tour of Pennsylvania according to his official campaign itinerary.

Of course Ayers doesn’t care about facts, but would rather create content for shock value and attention, or write articles that are vague, copy and pasted from real people’s work or left very vague so you click his sites for the ad revenue that is vomitted all over his pages.

What he actually did was fake the images from this video:


Mid air plane collision. JESUS!!

♬ original sound – Medic Ativan/Twitch

He also created a fake version of this website ( which features nothing but libelous statements easily proven false by google searches of my career. He stole multiple images from this website and photoshopped an image of me from Portland, Oregon (seen Below) reporting and photo shopped a police patch onto my vest where my press patch is on my Kevlar, and has been spamming my corporate email accounts with spam mailer list requests. One would think he would cover his tracks, but the dumb ass left his personal IP addresses all over the fake website, and outed himself on twitter. The fake image from his twitter is on the left and the original photo taken in Portland is on the right. The fake website mirroring and making shit up about me was created one day after my last piece on this scumbag.

You certainly can’t fix stupid, but you can keep yourself informed from legitimate sources of information.



Austin Ayers Ip Address listed on the fake site he made about me, and in all the spam mailing list requests he sent to my email.

You can see my images from reporting in Portland here:


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