Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot

Ayers recently deleted or unpublished all his fake news pages from Facebook, and is trying his hand  at broadcasting fake news and lies on Twitch: 

Same material and different format, and he forgot he did and interview with Penn Live creating a fake name of Wyatt Uhl who “bought pa breaking news off Ayers” as described in the interview.

On his site Pa Breaking News site, 9As of 11/12/20 Ayers either deleted all his websites or they were forcefully taken down by the hosting provider for multiple TOS violations) Ayers claims his broadcast has been shared and retweeted thousands of times… That of course is a falsehood as well as the material he discussed in the video

A quick and easy look at the post on twitter shows No likes, no interaction, no retweets or other engagement of any kind. It’s also worth noting that there is zero evidence of any voter fraud in the 2020 election. Views on the Twitch video itself shows zero engagement and only 30 views as well. Ayers is talking to himself for a audience of zero. (himself)