I’m gonna file this one under privileged white people doing shady things, and then getting outraged when the consequences come knocking:
For context om how and where this dumpster fire erupted please join Dormont Actually Uncensored  Group on Facebook and Scroll thru the posts from Saturday 11/15 and all the comments.

Scrolling thru Facebook on a much needed day off, I came across a post in a a local Dormont group alleging a massive cover up and conspiracy by the Dormont Police Department, and the media to protect the white and suburban image of Dormont by a poster named Zach Blake regarding an incident that actually occurred on Saturday morning November 8 at 1:50 AM. The OP couldn’t give an actual date or time and provided a vague location. He wasn’t present but heard it from a friend. Several others also not present commented about the incident with different dates, times, and locations as well. When asked to provide proof or context to the baseless accusations, Zach began attacking people calling them “Soft.” (see screen shots below) People commenting and responding made jokes, and asked for proof, and pointed out that there’s no way in hell a conspiracy of this magnitude is possible.

It doesn’t go so well for Zach, so he posts several more times about it, and others who weren’t present continued to give conflicting date/time/location and scenarios to whatever happened as well as people mentioning how anyone out late at night during a global pandemic in dark alleys are not as innocent as they claim to be, and asking for more information. The only responses were attacks from the OP. I began shit posting and trolling in efforts to socially engineer actual facts that could be verified. The OP swore no arrests were made and continued to scream a tin foil hat conspiracy theory until he rage quit the group.


Enter Harry Williams into the chat, one of the alleged 5 stab victims, Harry, an alleged high school living legend from 7-10 years ago.

Harry goes on to drop that  not only does he “know the owner of every Dormont business”, but is a close personal friend of the mayor of the town this alleged conspiracy theory is being floated.  Harry goes on to detail how he and others were hanging out in a bar called the Apple Inn past mandated Covid closing times at 11 pm for all restaurants and bars in Pa, but engaging in non health department and CDC guide lines. He went on to say how Rob, the owner, has been running dirty for months and has not only been cited by the Pennsylvania liquor control board for serving under agers, but has also been cited for violating Covid 19 rules. The Apple Inn runs till 2 am in violation of the law. Williams then painted a picture of how he was innocently outside during a mass fight politely conversing with another innocent person in the streets doing nothing wrong, and how he’s a victim.

While working on another story regarding unsafe bars and restaurants in Pittsburgh, I can confirm the Apple Inn doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t enforce a mask policy or social distancing, and operates to full capacity as much as it cans with zero protection for it’s staff or patrons.

The Apple Inn is notorious in the Dormont community for shady clientele, a place to go score drugs when you’re in a pinch, and has had multiple incidents in which drunk patrons assault one another, their guns fall out of their waste bands, and other questionable behavior.

So as it turns out, a bunch of privileged white people, fulfilling their own selfish needs for profit, or a buzz during a global pandemic in which 10 million people have been infected, and over 200 thousand have died,  were fucking around in a place that shouldn’t have been open, nor should they have been in the first place. As far as folks saying I know nothing? I know that this was 100% avoidable, and being a resident of Dormont for over 15 years now, Myself and others have no idea who Harry Williams even is or even give a shit what he, or any of us did in high school.

Everyone fucked around under the influence of alcohol, and a fight broke out resulting in 5 people being stabbed, alleged gunfire, and the Dormont Police and other responding agencies doing their jobs, making arrests and charging people for the alleged assaults, while protecting and serving the fine citizens of Dormont. There’s even an arrest report detailing the incident and everything. No conspiracy and no coverup. People fucked around and found out the consequences of their actions whether it was who was arrested and charged, the people who were stabbed, and now Dormont business thrown under the bus on public forums outing their illegal activities.

Would this have happened if the bar wasn’t open? Absolutely not. Is there a massive coverup? Absolutely not.

Is everyone involved in this story guilty? Absolutely.

Do I dispute there was an incident? Absolutely not, I’ve read the police report, But I don’t believe a single account of anyone who’s made differing versions of what they heard happened or what happened to them in person. Bar fights involving over a dozen people simply don’t occur for no reason.

As far as the media not reporting on this? One could only wonder what was going on that weekend. Oh Yeah, it was a presidential election, thousands in the streets protesting or celebrating, and mass protests in downtown Pittsburgh.  With all the shootings and stabbings in Pittsburgh, it’s definitely difficult for media to report on every single one. Luckily for the attention seekers, they now received the attention they craved.

At the time of filing, I did reach out to Mayor Walsh of Dormont about his close friend Harry Williams and his thoughts on Dormont business open and illegally operating during a global pandemic, but my emails and calls weren’t returned as the Mayor of Dormont only works 1 day a month.

I also reached out to Rob, Owner of the Apple Inn via email for a statement and, at the time of filing, emails and calls to the Apple Inn Remain unanswered.

Please wear a mask, engage in Social distancing and avoid shady places and people that don’t care for your own or even their own personal safety and health. No one needs to bring a gun to a bar either.

Update 11/23/2020: The Dormont Police released more information on the incident in their police blotter report.