That was the President of the United States speaking at the beginning of the Corona Virus hitting America.
Since then, over 10 Million Americans have gotten sick, and over a 250,000 people have died due to what The leader of the free world dubbed a hoax, and something that would magically disappear after election day.

Millions of Americans are unemployed and being supported by benefits that will expire after Christmas unless the government steps in to extend those benefits and prevent America from  starving and being evicted from their homes due to being unable to pay their rent.  The Senate and Congress have left for the holidays one week early without agreeing upon or passing the Heroes Act which would have provided much needed relief for citizens. Mitch McConnell, after winning reelection promised that helping Americans would be priority #1 after election day. That has been proven to be a lie.

The Corona Virus continues to run rampant, and more states are shutting down again, putting people out of work again, and making it even harder for music venues and small businesses to stay alive.

By it’s own admission, The White House Corona Virus Task Force admits there’s no way to stop the destruction as it’s only going to keep escalating.

Employers like Tyson, turned their staff into a betting pool with a winner take all the cash game as employees got sick and died. People still question whether the virus exists (it does), and continue to be reckless and ignore the advice of science, and doctors.

America is certainly on the way to a new level of hell if something isn’t done quickly to protect it’s citizens.