Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug ShotIt appears that Austin Ayers and his bullshit has been going on for at least 7 years starting at the age of 15 years old. According to posts on The Dirty, Ayers first began pretending to be a fireman back then. Another website called Ham Sexy (A website for Ham radio enthusiasts) details a story in Which Ayers lies, and pretends to be a corporate CEO of a webhosting company at the age of 15. Google Searches confirm that Ayers applied for many FCC Ham radio Operator licenses over the years, and every single one has been revoked for violating FCC Guidelines, as well as harassment of others.

This website details several stories of Ayers faking letters from the FBI addressed to the website to have their articles on him removed.

The FBI never filled out a contact form on the website to have posts removed nor was there a 2013 investigation on the matter.

You can read the original post about Ayers HERE.

At 17 Years old, he pretended to be a member of Butler county emergency services to organize a town tornado drill.

Fast forward to present day:

Austin Ayers throws temper tantrums anytime a woman rejects him, when he’s busted in his lies, and when his scams are exposed on this page.
He resorts to scare tactics, threats, black mail, removes his pages/posts to hide like a coward, and tries to spread more lies when trying to get the truth pulled from the internet and in his social circles. He’ll attempt to prank call you without blocking his number, and spam bomb your inbox while forgetting to hide his IP address.

He recently made a fake Facebook profile to harass my friends, while also pretending to run a new fake news site. From this fake account he contacted one of my employers (who I haven’t worked with since March of 2020 due to COVID 19) making up lies. This employer happens to be a government agency for the City of Pittsburgh, and they easily dismissed him when they were contacted by this phony account on October 31, 2020 via their government facebook page.

I already debunked this as a fake account in previous reporting as Pennsylvania Birth records, Registered voter records, tax records all prove this person doesn’t exist. The Photo stolen from someone else’s pictures found online. ( A Tactic Ayers has used in the past to manufacture a fake news room staff)

Ayers then called this employer of mine via their Government office line leaving a voicemail filled with lies, no name or contact information was left, but I was able to trace the Phone Number from the caller ID to Ayers.  Also the voice on the recording matches Austin Ayers’ voice from his YouTube, Twitch, and Tik Tok videos. where have I seen this Phone Number before? his fake news sites.(Still listed via google search) Steel Town News also links to his other fake news page, Pa Breaking News.

It gets weirder and more pathetic. On November 4, 2020 Ayers rebranded the “Penn Informer” Twitter page into DonCarpenter1 and began posting illegible, and misspelled articles about me using stolen images from my website here, and doing a terrible photoshop job replacing the Words Press on my bullet proof vest worn in front line coverage with a terrible attempt at putting the word police into it. Notice anything similar proving Ayers is behind it like the same cover images, and paid follower account? The kid is extremely lazy at trying to put out lies as fact. It’s either laziness or sheer stupidity. (I’m gonna go with the latter and not the former.)

All this effort by Ayers to get attention from stolen valor by pretending to be a journalist, nurse, police office, paramedic, fire fighter, and for what?  At the age of 22 (Austin Jay Ayers was born on May 29, 1998) This is beyond Pathetic and sad for someone to fuck up their life this early.

At The end of the day, you can come after me all you like Austin.

You’re not even a minor annoyance to me, because you’re so easily debunked with facts.

You’re  a joke in the Law Enforcement and first responder communities in the real world, on reddit, Facebook, and on twitter.

You’re a joke in you’re hometowns, and a joke in the film making community of Pittsburgh and abroad.

You are absolutely nothing and a nobody trying to get clout by stealing the valor of others working noble professions and actually putting the work in to make a difference in lives. You still live in your mother’s home, and are not a productive member of society.

Everyone quickly dismisses you as such the minute you open your mouth, or start typing on a keyboard.  You’re a coward who hides behind lies, and a make believe world.

This is a direct quote from someone who knows Ayers Personally on a reddit discussion on his lies:

So let’s start the list of all of his professions, shall we? in the past, he has claimed to be:

As a first responder:

-a firefighter

-a police officer

-an EMT

-a paramedic

-a fire chief

-a fire police officer

-a chief of police

In the arts/entertainment world:

-a filmmaker     

on the journalism side:

-a videographer

-an “in the field” reporter

-a desk reporter

-a newsroom director

-a newsroom producer

-an editor

-a photojournalist

-a director

-an assistant director

-an actor

-a writer

-a producer

-an executive producer

-an editor

-a cinematographer

-a grip

-a camera operator

That’s just some of the wonderful work he has accomplished. in his short 22 years on this planet (born May 22, 1998, according to his [imdb profile]( Now mind you, most of these professions you have to have 5-10 years of experience doing before you can even get the job. yet he’s accomplished it in his time here, not even 5 years out of high school. Oh, speaking of his high school, Seneca Valley in Butler county, pa, his IMDB profile listed above states that ” Austin went on to take part in nearly every film class offered by his school at Seneca Valley High School, where he partook in film history, film management and production, broadcast, journalism, and school sports/events managing the controls of the live broadcast for the local cable network, which was being viewed by thousands of viewers nightly.” As you can see from the Seneca Valley [extra curricular website]( (because none of these classes would be your “main study” in high school), none of the so called classes exist.

Let’s also take into account that he used to try to scam sell people an internet service, under the name “PennInternet”. He sold them AT&T “hotspots” for internet that ran through AT&T’s cellular service. Allegedly he stole some lady’s information and was using that to purchase and sell the hotspots on their account.

He also had (on WPMG, before it was taken down) stock photos of newsrooms that you could google search in a second, as well as proven fake accounts/stolen photos of people form the internet for his “news team” when he used to “run” “Butler Dispatch”, a news site that actually gained federal authoritative attention when they tried to claim that a “tornado drill” news “article” was just to test their “reaches as a news organization”.”


Austin Ayers (@medicativan) (@redcoatrevere)Twitch/Tik Tok Fraud and Fundraiser Scam

Austin Ayers (@medicativan) (@redcoatrevere)Twitch/Tik Tok Fraud and Fundraiser Scam

Austin Ayers (@medicativan) (@redcoatrevere)Twitch/Tik Tok Fraud and Fundraiser Scam

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