Austin Ayers (medicativan) (@redcoatrevere) fails again

Austin Ayers throws temper tantrums anytime a woman rejects him, when he’s busted in his lies, and when his scams are exposed on this page.
He resorts to scare tactics, threats, black mail, removes his pages/posts to hide like a coward, and tries to spread more lies when trying to get the truth pulled from the internet and in his social circles. He’ll attempt to prank call you without blocking his number, and spam bomb your inbox while forgetting to hide his IP address.

He recently made a fake Facebook profile to harass my friends, while also pretending to run a new fake news site. From this fake account he contacted one of my employers (who I haven’t worked with since March of 2020 due to COVID 19) making up lies. This employer happens to be a government agency for the City of Pittsburgh, and they easily dismissed him when they were contacted by this phony account on October 31, 2020 via their government facebook page.