The Great Lie That is Austin Ayers’ (Medicativan) )@redcoatrevere) IMDB Page

A year ago on Medium, Ayers wrote that he was writing, directing, and producing a feature film on Flight 93 from his production company CINEFX. HE said that Netflix may pick it up, and there was a major press release about it. I’ve been unable to locate any press release written and/or picked up by any outlets in the entire world. The website¬† for his “film” doesn’t exist nor does the Facebook page.¬† His production company’s website doesn’t exist either.

This of course, is also the movie he told women he was working on in attempts to date them before defaming them on his now defunct fake news site when he was rejected. Being that my work is currently on a major documentary featured on netflix, and I receive royalties for my work, I called Netflix to ask about Ayers and his film. NETFLIX NEVER HEARD OF AYERS OR HIS FILM.