Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot

More Lies from Austin Ayers as he posted a Tik Tok video from his graduation from a course at Butler community college, and then he posts a bunch of  expired certificates from classes he took in the past. Lick Hill VFD confirms Ayers was run out of their department for mental issues while Zelienople FD ran him out for lying and trying to film events without people’s knowledge or permission.

You can easily see the old dates on the “certificates” despite Ayers trying to hide them. He also claims to have applied for a license with the Commonwealth of Pa, But the Commonwealth has no record of a license that Ayers currently has, or a record of an application for a state license at this time. The certifications Ayers displays are all expired. He deleted the video from Tik Tok after being called out, but I archived the video. To date, Ayers still has zero certifications as a cop/firefighter/EMT/ Cop or nurse.


Ayers then Doubles down claiming to be a verified Twitch Streamer, and Affiliate Partner that has partnered with the American Heart Association to raise money. Problem is, The American Heart Association has no knowledge or record of a partnership with Ayers or Twitch, and Twitch hasn’t verified Ayers, his channel, or has any record of a partnership with him or the American Heart Association. Twitch provides a purple checkmark next to a user’s name if they are verified. Ayer’s account is not verified. Nor does his twitch or link tree have a link to AHA fundraising as he claims in the videos.

While graduating from a  community college course is a decent accomplishment, Ayers can’t resist once again fluffing himself up into something bigger than he actually is. He also racked up another law enforcement investigation an hour away from his house, as Lawrence Township Police believe he is a Police/firefighter impersonator in their area. Ayers is no stranger to Impersonation investigations.

Ayers goes on to claim receiving promo items from Marvel Studios/comics and HyperX because he is a famous streamer.. Marvel Records Nor HyperX know who Ayers is or what his channel is, and have no record of any sponsorships or promo items being sent to him. Once a again a lie that Ayers purchased his own items to pretend to be famous.

He goes on with his delusional beliefs that he’s been doxxed because he is famous and his past crimes and scams are in the past and, At least he’s not a pedophile.( Doxxing isn’t having public records being unearthed about you, nor is having journalists write about you, or having public websites and Facebook pages dedicated to exposing your scams, you miserable piece of shit.) It should be noted that flying drones into people’s yards to snap pics of underage children, and detaining children while driving a fake police/ems car is dangerously close to being a pedophile.

Ayers in the comments of his videos said he never ordered a kid to shoot up someone’s house. That’s a lie as Ayers was tried, plead guilty served jail time and probation for the crimes. He also Confessed to Pennsylvania State Troopers, as well as on Facebook.

You can read the court dockets below:

Just another case of this con artist living in a land of make believe and trying to sell himself off as something he’s not because he can’t accomplish things in real life because the work is too damn hard.



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