Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ayers certainly isn’t having a happy holidays with his mother dying and being banned for life on the streaming platform Twitch.

Ayers’ mother died a week ago laying on her front porch in the cold while Ayers was inside toasty and warm and making Tik Tok Videos ignoring her cries for help until she lost consciousness. She was found unconscious, and not breathing by neighbors after at least an hour of laying in the cold.

Last night, he was temporarily banned from Twitch for having content in his streams that included the used of racial slurs. (what using racial slurs has to do with “role playing” being a cop/medic/firefighter/dispatcher has to do with everything is beyond me)

Ayers Keeps telling everyone that he’s a “verified Streamer”, yet none of his accounts, including his now removed twitch page are verified in any way.

He claims he’s professionally paid for streaming, but there’s zero evidence to support that claim. Donations on his “website” are in the few and none including a donation under his fake name Warren Albrecht. Warren Albrecht doesn’t exist aside from the life Ayers gave it it by stealing someone’s photo online.

Ayers is currently asking everyone to sign up via his cash app referral code, so he can get $5 from each new account. Something only someone desperate for cash would do. A fundraiser for Ayers’ Mom’s funeral costs is at $80 because no one is donating due to fears of a scam.

Her obituary states there was no funeral or services at all.

Using social media auditing services, Ayers recent growth of 100k followers of Tik Tok show that the rise of followers was not done organically, and was done by purchasing followers. All of his responses or lack there of, on any of his social media sites content, shows that the numbers don’t support the interest or relevance of his posting.


Just the usual set of lies, and desperation for relevance by Ayers to finish out the year.

Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

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