In an article written by Jay Thurber wrote titled: (you can read the entire article from Thurber by clicking the link)

Then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free

He details an Email sent by Ayers to WRCT FM Pittsburgh in Which Ayers expressed displeasure about mean things being said about him on the internet:

———- Forwarded message ———
Date: Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 10:41 AM
Subject: Offensive Twitter Posts
To: WRCT General Manager
Cc: WRCT Business, WRCT Social Media, WRCT Public Affairs

To whom it may concern,

I am reaching out to you as a community member about an offensive
Twitter post that was shared among someone portraying to be with your

Jay Thurber had posted online some hurtful things about me over the
summer that was just brought to my attention. I am a decorated first
responder with nearly a decade of service. I started when I was
14-years-old and I do not appreciate the hurtful lies being spread
about me.

On July 20th, he had posted this:

“Fake news king”, really? I used to work for KDKA-TV/CBS News and I
was full-time at the Leader Times, which used to be owned by the

He had also tried to say that I was the writer behind an article that
aired on… which is not true. I helped design the website
and internet radio station, that was it. I really do not appreciate
him using the CMU brand on his account while spreading lies about me.

He also had posted an off-the-wall link to a malicious website that is
full of trackers and malware, urging people to click on it and read

He also shared a similar link to the same website, which has been
deemed fake by the police. They are very aware of the blogger behind
the site since he is under investigation for pretending to be a City
of Pittsburgh police officer.

Thurber continued to say I was allegedly “running around in a fake EMS
vehicle”, which is blatantly false. I am in EMS, yes, as an EMT-B
trainee. I am a student at BC3. This was not an EMS vehicle, and it
was never portrayed to be as such.

“The police take a dim view of civilians showing up at emergencies
with their own home-made emergency vehicles” is what Thurber had said.

He also continued to spread a fake post by Benjamin T. Wilson, who
admitted over private messages that he fabricated the post to “get me
out of the film industry” because of my political views.

Thurber continues with his vile rants.

“Why do I care? As a lot of you know, I’m a ham radio operator, and
Austin was a pest in that community a few years ago. He gave ham
operators a bad name.”

I am demanding that CMU and WRCT acts on this before I go before the
media, both print, television, and online. I want his entire thread
removed from Twitter and I do not want to have this discussion again.
Not only will I go before the media, but I already have a local law
group proceeding with motions in court to stop all of this harassment.

Thank you,
Austin Ayers

If you direct your attention to the paragraph I highlighted in bold, Ayers claims he’s an EMT on the job in training in October 2020.

That’s a lie because according to Commonwealth of Pa records, Ayers has not applied for, nor has he ever had a license to be an EMT. Plus according to Ayers’ own words on Twitter, and an ID he claims to be officially form Butler Community College, he didn’t graduate until December 9, 2020 from EMT school.

Butler Community College has no records of any graduations being held on December 9, 2020 nor any graduations for the remainder of the year, and confirmed over the phone no such graduations took place.

His Id claims to be valid until December 9, 2020, But Butler Community College police seems to dispute the validity of this Identification card.

There’s many other lies contained in the original email by Ayers  which claims he worked for KDKA and CBS News and didn’t run a  fake news site called WPMG which Jay Thurber addresses perfectly.

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and Ryan Focht (@Legoflats) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police