Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and His Ties to Extremist Groups

Austin Ayers has been tied to the extremist group BOOGALOO BOIS calling for armed protests at all State Capitals on January 17, 2021. He hosted a website on his servers called Tree of Liberty which CBS News just did a piece on. The site was maintained by his friend Ryan Focht, Someone that Ayers ran multiple fake news websites with in the past before I exposed them all, resulting in Ayers removing them from the internet, and social media pages. Tree of Liberty was hosted under the same account owned by Ayers that also hosted his gaming Red Coat Revere website, Steel Town News, Pa Breaking News and other websites which were all shut down and formerly hosted by OVH Cloud due to a DCMA claim y myself on another site Ayers hosted an ran defaming me. That site The Rogue Journalist, stole copyrighted images from this website, as well as, half assed written articles trying to defame me for exposing him as a fraud. All those websites were hosted under the same account, and under the same IP address registered to Ayers, but all the sites were removed on Wednesday due to my DCMA claims, and for violations of OVH Cloud terms of service.