Austin Ayers
Butler County Mug Shot

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Austin Ayers was charged  five times by the Pennsylvania State Police for fraudulently purchasing an emergency services license plate for his fake ems vehicle that was seized by State police last year, and then for filing state documents stating that he lost the license plate, but again the state police had confiscated the license plate the day before he reapplied for a replacement. Other charges include filing false applications, tampering with public records, and making false statements under penalties of perjury.

His buddy, Ryan Matthew Focht is in trouble as well with several charges of conspiracy, and tampering with public records.

If convicted, Focht faces 8 years in prison and  $32,500 in fines

Austin Jay Ayers is charged with false statements under perjury, falsifying state documents for making a false application for a state title, and more. All these charges stem from an incident in September when he was pulled over by the State Police, had his vehicle impounded, and his fraudulently obtained emergency plates seized by troopers.

Austin Ayers (medicativan) vehicle Impounded again

You can read the Butler Radio Report on the matter here.

Man Charged For Trying To Buy Emergency License Plate

You can read all 5 criminal charges filed against Ayers HERE:

Pa Statute 75 § 7121                     Misdemeanor 1 Make False Application For Title Registration
Pa Statute 2 18 § 4903 §§ B         Misdemeanor 3 False Swearing

Pa Statute 18 § 4904 §§ B   Misdemeanor 3  Statement Under Penalty 1
Pa Statute  18 § 4911 §§ A2 Misdemeanor 2 Tamper With Public Record/Information 1
Pa Statute 75 § 7121            Misdemeanor 1  Make False Application  For Title Reg

if convicted, he faces 5-20 years for the 2 Misdemeanor 1 charges and  over $20,000 in fines, and up to an additional  6 years in prison for the Misdemeanor 2nd and 3rd degree charges.

There is still an open and active Pennsylvania State Police investigation on Ayers for Impersonating civil servants back in June of 2020. (You can read the search warrant executed on him and his home for this incident HERE.)

Ayers and Focht will be arraigned on April 7, 2021 at 9 AM in front of Judge  James Owen.


This is a developing story, and I’ll bring you more information as it becomes available

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallatv aka @thecryptoshowtv Arrested again and charged with Impersonating First Responders

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallwsb Pretends to be FBI Snitch

Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

Austin Ayers (medicativan) vehicle Impounded again