The arrogance, and defiance of The Crack’d Egg owner, Kimberly Waigand had this smile wiped off her face by a judge today.
The Crack’d Egg was ordered to comply with Pennsylvania Covid-19 mandates, and orders from the Allegheny County Health Department or shut down permanently.

The order comes after months of the restaurant and ownership defying orders to shut down until a covid-19 compliance plan was enacted and submitted to the health department, and touting themselves as true patriots fighting for freedom against a tyrannical government. The restaurant has ties to the proud boys, and field for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the attempts of keeping the Health Department away from forcefully enacting their orders to the restaurant. They tried to withdraw their filings once the courts ruled that the county health department can pursue legal action against the business to force compliance.

In his ruling Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge McVay said an injunction is necessary to “prevent immediate and irreparable harm that cannot be adequately compensated by damages.”

“If I did not grant the injunction, restaurants that are following the rules will become less likely to do so and thus further increasing public health risks to everyone involved and possibly increasing overall community spread,” he wrote.

The health department ordered the restaurant to close in August, and Waigand refused to comply.


Brentwood’s The Crack’d Egg Ran By a Crack Pot?