Austin Ayers while facing multiple charges for fraud, tampering with public records, perjury and more is pretending to be an FBI Snitch on twitter.

Speaking with The Pittsburgh FBI field office, an agent says:

“Than Ayers never has been an informant. is not involved in any operations against domestic terrorism, and they are very concerned that he’s publicly claiming such and making threats against people on twitter that are speaking out against him.”

“FBI informants don’t publicly proclaim that they are informants, nor do they threaten others with federal prosecution or harm especially over social media.”

The FBI is very familiar with Austin Ayers and Ryan Focht for building and hosting the now removed website website which called for armed protests at every state capital after election day. (They organized the events back in November of last year.)

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and His Ties to Extremist Groups

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and Ryan Focht (@Legoflats) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police