Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

Austin Ayers will Have his days in court on multiple criminal charges of fraud, Impersonating public servants (EMS/Police/Fire), theft, filing false state documents, tampering with Public records and more.

He will be formally arraigned in the Armstrong County Criminal Courts on August 16 at 1 PM.

His co conspirator, Ryan Focht was formally arraigned in the same courts on July 14th.

Ayers currently spends his days on social media denying the charges exist, that he now works for NASA as an astronaut (He doesn’t), and maintains that he was a fire police officer, EMT, and surgical tech. (all of those false)
I’ll keep you updated when the actual trials of these two begin, and will bring coverage from the courtrooms.

Austin Ayers (@iamthatspaceguy) Waives Preliminary Hearing on Criminal Charges

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallatv aka @thecryptoshowtv Arrested again and charged with Impersonating First Responders

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and Ryan Focht (@Legoflats) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) Lied about being an EMT in October 2020

Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

Austin Ayers used his fake news site to harass and defame woman who rejected him