Employees At The South Side Burger King Walked Out Of Work

A really funny thread on what apparently went down at the South Side Burger King the other night:

My favorite part of this story is how absolutely nobody knew how to handle this situation. Like yeah the police show up, but what do they do? The doors are open but nobody is there. So who’s responsible? Why did the employees walk out to begin with? Who reported this first? Like could you imagine just walking in because you want some chicken fries and now you have no idea what to do?

Of course this Burger King is famous amongst Pittsburghers that know the background of this location. Back in the day it was an official Burger King location that closed….and then someone was running it under the Burger King name even though it was no longer a Burger King. “South Side Burgers” was known for using buns from the South Side Giant Eagle, putting food in generic foil wrappers and brown paper bags, and sometimes charging people money to use the restroom. I won’t explain the whole thing myself though, check out the link below to get the full rundown of the famous “South Side Burgers”